Monday, August 20, 2012

Exalted Seeker Chariot

Saturday night Shawn bought this and wanted me to put together.  I believe he actually said to his boy "I'm going to have JJ put this together so you guys won't screw it up."

What a chore this model was.  Are looking to be involved, I mean Really Involved, in putting a model together.  That includes removing flash.  Look no further.  Buy this limited edition or two Seeker Chariot/Hellflayer of Slaanesh and enjoy the misery many of us purposely go out of our way to avoid.  Buying two of those are the same cost as buying one limited edition.

That being said.  It is an extremely beautiful model.  I'd say sexy.  Would marry it but I'm afraid of what our children would look like.  Onto the pics!

First for the love of all that is holy Please Read The Instructions.  Follow those instructions.

p.s. Good luck painting it after you've assembled it.

Decided to celebrate with a unfiltered cider.  In bottle they are unfiltered.  Can not.  Shawn bought me another set of models for my Grey Knights and wanted me to put this one together.  Appropriate time to celebrate.

This was a little difficult.  You have to figure out where the curved spike bits go.  There are no pegs.  Left wing is a little higher than right wing.  Also if you don't glue them correctly it will bend the chariots shaft/tongue.  Which you will have to correct later when gluing it to the base.  This happened to me.

This is where the "fun" really begins.  Each wheel has 8 spokes.  Each spoke you want to make sure is flash free.  You will be doing this a lot.  This is where a lot of the time gets sunk into.

 First one is great.

This one is super fun.  Several of these wheels can be put together on backwards.  I refer to them as universal.  Since they can be put on forward or backwards.  If you put one on backwards it will scream at you.  You need to rip it off before the super glue is done doing its job and put it together correctly.  A lot of people are going to experience this problem.  I did three times.

Had to pry one of the universal wheels off with a needle nose pliers so it would look right.

Seekers time.

By this time I knew exactly what to do with the wheels to avoid accidentally gluing them on incorrectly.  Worked like a champ.  Anyone putting this model together will have a learning curve.  Mine was making sure the spikes are going in the right direction.  Once I had that down.  It was all down hill.

Easy-squeezy-lemon-easy.  That was a cinch.  Except the amount of time it took.

Time for the fun.  There are tiny little pieces of ground the big wheels are connected to.  The little contact points are glued to the base.

Time to correct the problem from the bent tongue.  After gluing the wheels to the base and making sure they were steady had to move the seekers so the chariots tongue would be straight.   Marked on the base where the feet of the seekers will be to make the tongue straight.  Did this with modelling knife.  Then put glue on the spots and moved the feet.  Held it there til it was secure and tada straight tongue.  The two set of grinding wheels kind of interlock when assembled.  The front set wheels take up the negative space of the back wheels.  Same with back wheels to front.

More seekers.

Time for the kind of sexy daemonettes.  I prefer my daemonettes to have nipples like Rogue Trader and 4th ed.

In my opinion this daemonette makes the model.

Close to the end thank the gods.

Gods I'm hoping Shawn doesn't ask me to paint this.  Might have to say no out of principle.  Then he would just counter with an almost irresistible offer.

If you made it to the end you deserve a medal!

slainte mhath


  1. How on earth are you supposed to paint all those nooks and crannies? Honestly, I would not want to be the one who has to paint that, although, if you do end up doing it, it will be interesting to see.

    1. That was exactly my thought. The instructions suggest to paint the wheels before gluing them together. Showed it Shawn last night and he immediately smiled and asked me to paint it. Told him the above "Gods, no out of principle." Then said the part of him giving me an offer I couldn't refuse. The longer he looked at the model the more convinced he was that it was going to damned difficult.

  2. my wife just picked up 4 for her army (2 for her heralds and 2 for a cavalcade) and yeah... Been building and painting GW models for over 12 years now, and these things are a beast when you first look at them. For me though, two quick passes w/ my airbrush handled the chariot and starfish wheels, and we kept the riders and seekers separate until they're finished. All in all, a great model and ooooooh so delicious-looking on the tabletop.

    1. Sean, welcome. Great idea with the airbrush. That would make quick work of the wheels. Plan on getting an airbrush after the first of the year.

      She has 4? Very nice.

      Agreed the model is very delicious. Haven't see it on the tablestop.


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