Wednesday, December 24, 2014

7th ed Rules of the Game: Battle Focus, Run and Wrecked

This is my second 7th ed game under my belt came new rules and situations.  Feels good to make these posts again.

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Battle Focus 6th ed Eldar, pg 25

A unit that contains only models wiht the Battle Focus special rule can either shoot and then Run, or Run and then shoot, in the same Shooting phase.

Run 40k7, pg 38

Units that Run in the Shooting phase cannot charge in the following Assault phase.

Context:  Player wanted dire avengers assault tactical squad after performing battle focus.  Player figured since shooting with avengers and running per battle focus they could also assault.  Informed because avengers ran they cannot perform an assault.

Wrecked 40k7, pg 76

Iny any other circumstance, a Wrecked model is left in place, and is treated as a Citadel scenery model with the different terrain type (pg 108).

Context: Devastator squad wanted to shoot at war walkers.  However the drop pod was wrecked by war walker shooting the turn before.  Still wouldn't have been able to shoot if the pod wasn't wrecked.  Putting this rule in the post as a reminder of how wrecked vehicles work in 7th ed.

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  1. The "wrecked" thing is huge now, as you can't blow up vehicles anymore unless you have AP2 or AP1 guns. If you face certain things, like battle wagons, or monoliths, they can basically change the entire flow of the game when they are wrecked, blocking entire fire lanes!

    One thing to remember with drop pods, they are open, and you can technically draw los through them even though they are wrecked. (the doors always open when it lands). They would grant cover to anything shooting through them, but that is important to note when facing drop pod armies.

    Merry Xmas!

    1. Yeah. The wrecked thing has been big for a couple of editions. One significant change in 7th was the addition that wrecked vehicles turn into citadel terrain. In 6th you'd leave the wrecked vehicle there, same in 5th. They had their own rules such as dangerous in 6th and I think just difficult in 5th. Really like the changing rules regarding wrecked vehicles.

      There was a damned drop pod that was wrecked by war walkers that blocked my devastators LOS to the war walkers. Thought I took a pic of that. Turns out I didn't.

      Since you mentioned it, Greg. Where does it state that the doors always open when it lands? Never read that anywhere. Even emailed GW's FAQ several times asking if the doors open when it lands and do the doors count as part of the model. No answer. That would be a huge footprint denying a ton of enemy movement.

      Merry Xmas to you as well, buddy!

  2. If the doors don't open, the drop pod can't draw Los to fire. I don't think it is in the rules, but the doors are always open.

    However, every TO and group I know does NOT count the doors as terrain. They draw all disembarking and Los from the pod itself. The doors are merely decorative.

    I think this was in an old FAQ.


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