Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Asurman's Banner a.k.a. How to put banners on models

When picking up Shawn's Eldar a couple of months ago I told him I have the Eldar codex that has Asurman's Banner and that I could put that on for him if he wants.  He said "That'd be cool."

Used without permission

Warning: This is a easy "how to" hopefully this helps someone.

You'll need a couple of things.  First access to your works colour printer or a colour print at a nearby Kinko's.  Double-sided tape.  Skissors.  Typed the last one purposely wrong so you have an idea how I pronounce it when I'm trying to be funny.

Onto the "How to" /whooshes off into the sky with a cape.

Find the banner you wish to copy.  In my case go through your retired 40k tub.  Open up the Dark Millennium Boxset and locate exactly where you last left it.  It isn't of worth to anyone else so its not going anywhere fast.  Tada!  Codex Eldar 2nd edition.  You are once again useful.  Make photo copy (above.)  Time to use those skissors.

Talk on the cellphone to a buddy about using his airbrush to paint your Night Scythes while cutting out the banner.  Then realising because you were distracted you made an uneven cut.  That is what you get for talking on your cell and modelling at the same time.  Watch out you might get a ticket.  Keep a look out for the fuzz.

Next, double-sided tape.  My favourite since I was 7.

Purposely pull out more double-sided tape than height of banner.  You consider cutting the excess off but realise your still on your cell and remember what happened not minute earlier.  Fold excess back onto itself.  Double-sided tape is great for banners because A) its double-sided tape (I would stop here but I feel perhaps a little detail is needed) and B) using glue is just plain messy, you certainly don't want glue oozing out like a PB&J sandwich when you press the banner together.  Double-sided tape doesn't do that.

Next onto the part where you conclude your airbrush conversation with a pseudo-buddy and start to focus.  Not before another sip of that disgusting beer you bought during the three-day weekend.  You certainly aren't going to finish the last of your good beer then go back to that swill (I learned the correct spelling of that word just now).  You still have a couple more bottles before you get to the good stuff.  It's going to be a rough night.  Especially with extremely demanding Wraiths and their tiny must-remove-flash-no-one-will-notice-but-you off them.  Oh, where was I,  Ah, affixing!

Tada!  With attaching one banner I have pleased both Asurman and my client Shawn.  Yes it's a superpower.

Now onto those pesky $%#(& @$&*$^ $&$# Wraiths.  Damn I dislike them so much right now.

slainte mhath

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