Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Folding Game Table

Now that life has slowed down I'll try and get back to this blogging thing.

I built tables for the Warmachine tournament at the Renegade Open this year. I decided to build folding tables as it would help with storage space, moving them back and fourth, and as a general experiment. Also I cant get a 4x4 piece of wood into my vehicle. So here we have a finished piece. 

I went to Home Depot since I know I could get all the sheets cut. On that make sure if you do this to take the time to be the weirdo marking out your cut lines, some of my sheets were off up to a half inch. So here you see my two piles of sorted sheets to counter the miss cuts, one short, one long. 

Here I have lain them down to make sure there is no warp along the seam, only a few took me a couple flips to get a good fit.

Then I placed hinges along the seam to mark out the drill holes for both sides. Drilling them both, then putting in the screws.

Here we have a finished board. You will want to lay in on a flat surface to see that it isn't warped or bowing. 

Now the hard part for most. You will want to remove most of the screw, the part begging to stick you. You will want a good jewelers saw, dremel, or grinder.

Here is are the hinges I used for reference of size.

For removing the exposed screws I went with a welders hand grinder, as I have one.

Worked pretty good, as well as fast.

You get to look cool to.

Finally Voila! Sixteen folding tables ready to start getting based, and painted.

And a finished board.


  1. Looking good! My only suggestion for the future would be to use larger hinges, or more hinges (maybe two more about half way towards the center) to reinforce the jointed nature.

  2. That's super easy. Thanks.


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