Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thanatar Siege Automata

Behold my journey building the Thanatar. the largest of the legio cybernetica's warmachines. As you can see below it has a few parts, it is no ghost ark, but the legs do have 10 pieces per leg. You will see the sexy rear shot of these assembled further down, and the belt feed, yeah we'll get there to. 

Here I have set up holes for pins to help me hold the belt as i warmed to resin and re-positioned the feed to line up with the wrist mounted gun on the left arm.

I used blue tac to get an idea how the legs would go. Then slowly glued one piece then the other corresponding leg piece, and so on. here you can see me setting up the guides for the pins in the hips. I also used paint to mark where there had been a bubble in the mold so I could easily see them once done and fill them.

Finished! with the legs. Well, with the large parts of the legs

I just wanted to show you the backside of the plasma mortar. let that name, and its effect in game sink in. Now you can see the spots for the tiny fuel canisters, all six said tiny canisters. fun little guys waiting to fall from your fingers and bounce, and scatter into oblivion. I thankfully did not lose any, but that is one of many reasons i have Instant Mold. Seriously people if you don't have it get some. Go to the Google, and it will lead you to the magic. 

But anyways here are the pieces to the mortar. The canisters i did pin. Even though small, and a slight pain, i used a very small bit. I could them too easily being brushed a little too hard, while not evening noticing it yourself and "poof" gone.  
The shoulder piece the mortar sits on was attached, and glued in place. I did have to heat the resin to get it nice and snug, but yet still removable. I haven't glued it yet as my friend Jake will be sending it off to a gentlemen in Poland I think, some Euro country. I wanted them to be able to handle it better if they chose to. The same reason the front plate you can see in the picture also hasn't been glued.

Here I am victorious over the belt feed. For the next one I will be doing just the minimum amount of work to connect them together, and then adjust the arm to fit the arm. Oh and also here we see the pieces for the leg ready to go.

And here is the back side. I glued each piston, both parts at the same time. The legs were not glued to the hip portion or base yet so I could more easily attach these parts.

Finally the metal monster is Alive! Or on its way at least. lastly some size comparison for the audience at home.

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  1. Very dynamic. I love thinking about the way these big hulking bots would move, and this works for me. Side note: Do you use Instand Mold for duping full 3D parts? I struggle with two-part molds. Also, what putty do you use to make the bit? I can't seem to get Green Stuff to work with anything but a one-sided press mold. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

  2. Yes I have used instant mold for three dimensional parts. I've never used it for press molding anything. Ill have to try that. Ive gotten good results with it. It wont give you great results in detail like other products but it is fast, and re-usable.
    It will take some trial and error to get a grasp of it right away, but not long. it is also clear so if their is an air pocket or slippage you may be able to see it.
    I have used green and grey stuff, haven't tried anything else, but it should work.
    Here is a link to the first promotional video.


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