Sunday, February 2, 2014

How to Paint a Black Templars Symbol

This is probably the easiest Chapter symbol I've ever painted.

JJ typing, this was a Warhammer 40k Black Templars commission.  Almost anyone can paint this.  The trick is to breathe out when making the lines.  This loosens tension in your limbs and focuses your attention elsewhere.  Some firearms instructors talk about breathing out when squeezing the trigger so your aim is better.  Same goes with holding a brush.  Really this chapter symbol comes down to making six Xs.  Once you have that down you're in business to free-hand paint all your Black Templars symbols.

Tools used:
Army Painter Mat Black
Raphael Kolinsky Sable size 0 brush
Wet pallet (not necessary, used to keep the paint wet)

Remember to breathe out when making these lines.

This is possibly the most difficult part of the symbol.  If you look at the symbol in the codex you'll notice the X is evenly space between each arm.  So you need to make a tall lean, narrow, skinny, X.

If you have a solid asterisk, also Greek for little star,  you know you're doing it right.

Now things are looking a little wonky.  This is where you have to intersect two narrow Xs.  If you've done the first X you can do the second.  Some can see where the image is starting to pull together.

Now connect top of X arm to the adjacent arm at a 45 degree angle.

Then make your third X with another 45 degree angle from the top of the other arm to the adjacent.

Here are your six Xs.  It is important to note perfection is not required while painting these.  You'll be cleaning them up later.

Little work here and there.  Fill in the body.

Use your white base to clean up the black that went over the lines and you're done.  Viola.

slainte mhath


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