Friday, May 16, 2014

How to Magnetize Hurricane Bolters and Flamestorm Cannons

Here's a tutorial about how to make your Land Raider a Crusader or Redeemer.

JJ typing, Nate wants all the options on his Land Raider to be available.  Told him that won't be a problem.

Tools used:

Hand drill/pin vice
1/16" and 1/8" drill bits
1/8" x 1/16" magnets
1/16th x 1/32nd magnets

Here are pics in metric and standard.

Start with cutting off the posts on the side of the weapon arm.

Then drill out 1/8" hole.

Apply superglue inside the drill hole.  If you're lucky you won't have to use glue.  The magnet will fit snug and shouldn't come out when taking off the weapons.

Work on assembling the rest of your land raider for maybe 10-30 mins then glue a magnet on the other side.  If you install the other side magnet too soon it could pull or push the other sides magnet out of place.  You can insert a little piece of foam like in the upper right  into the middle section so your inserting magnet does snap to the other magnet.  Then you'll have to put another magnet in so there will be three inside the drilled out section.

Sponson assembled and now you can move onto the other parts.

Ensure polarity when installing magnets into the weapons.  This is the best way I've found to do it.  Insert superglue and press onto the column.  Twist weapon off and bob's your uncle.

If the magnet isn't flush with the bit you can press it against something, preferably something not magnetic.

Same for hurricane bolter.

With your 1/16" bit drill out the hole on the sponson shield side of the weapon.

You can either start with weapons or sponson shield.  I started with sponson shield because I found it easier to insert the magnet.

Second verse same as the first.

Hope this will be useful for someone.

Now time for some blooper pics.

Originally spent some 45 mins trying to figure out how to do this.  Lots of ideas coming to my head about the best way to magnetize the weapons.  I will admit simpler is better.  Remember KISS.

First attempt.  Thought about using pins.  When the weapon is destroyed the entire sponson can be removed.  Pins didn't work.

Then tried magnets.  Used smaller magnets than what was applied to Deathwing Land Raider.  Didn't provide a solid enough hold for me.

Cut off the tips of the weapon arm and magnetized them.  Wasn't a strong enough hold and abandoned that also.

Can only hope someone doesn't try doing it this way.  If they have and want to fix the issue the following should help.

1/8" plasticard/sheet styrene rod.

Use a file and work it around the end of the rod this will allow it fit easier.

Score the side of the rod.  Used a pencil to mark the scored area to have an idea where to cut the rod.

Little needle nose pilers and drill out a hole for the pin.

Removing magnets from plastic is rather easier, in my opinion.  Grab your clippers and grab the magnet then pull out.  If the magnets flush use a modelling knife to cut away a little material around the magnet.  The clippers to remove magnet.

Leave excess paper clip for the mounting of the targeter.

slainte mhath


  1. This is a great guide. It's especially useful given the cost of acquiring a second set of sponsoon shields. Thanks the time and effort on this!

    1. Thanks, Greg. My pleasure to be of help.

      Do people charge a lot of sponson shields?

      That's a good thing about working on jobs like this. You often get more posts out of than normal WIP.

    2. Generally on ebay, you'll find them selling the hurricane bolters, or the flamestorm cannon...but rarely the shield. You only get 1 set of sponsoon shields in the entire kit, so it tends to be one of the main limiting factors.

      If you fail to magnetize the sponsoon, and glue on it (greggles mistake), you're stuck trying to get another shield. As such (just like space marine legs), they will charge upwards of 10-15 bucks, just to include those side shields. (They always sell them as a kit, not separately).

    3. You're right the one set is a limiting factor.

      10-15$ for the shield plus the weapons. That is a nice chuck of the 75$ kit. Love how people can make money of specific parts.

      greggles mistakes, gave me a chuck. Guess because how it sounds in my head.

  2. I really like you magnetizing posts. Easy to follow and they take the fear and planning out of the task! I have bookmarked them all :)

    1. Zab, it is comments like yours that make blogging so rewarding. Really means a lot. Thank you.

  3. Nice method of magnetizing the weapons instead of the sponson. I would like to share a method I did using a 1/16 inch magnet (i think) and a flat tape magent.

    The result has is not exactly a perfect fit, but it holds.

    1. Thanks, DWolve. Welcome to H2Lat40k.

      Like your idea of using flat tape magnet. How thin is it?

    2. It's at best 1mm thick. Still hunting to see if there is a film type to use as an alternative.


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