Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider Celebration and more Eldar

Finally I've followed through on something.  Feel damn good.  About this time tomorrow evening the Land Raider should be up for auction on Ebay.

Tonight to celebrate this momentous event.  Byerly's in Golden Valley has 5$ sushi on Wed.  Picked up some unfiltered cider.  Presently watching Fight Club.  Curse of Frank Black afterwards.  Perhaps I'll work on my Crypteks afterwards.

Beginnings of a great evening.

12.10.30 1500 Necrons vs Eldar

Damn fun game.  Learned a lot.  Shawn gave me a quite an ass-whooping.  Been on a winning streak.  Time for a big loss.

Orikan gets some Eldar love.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Necron vs Tyranid List (Adapt or Become Obsolete)

Developed a new list against Matt's quickly evolving Tyranids.  Goes against several ways I've come to use Necrons.  That guy is challenging me and I'm not even at the table with him.

From first episode the Borg appeared Q Who.

40k 6th ed Lexicon v1.6

Lexicon Tuesday.  There's a great deal of information about 40k all over the web.  Many of it uses short hand.  I'm compiling a lexicon to decipher what it means.  Warseer uses a great system to help viewers.  I endeavour to copy their method.  Hopefully this is helpful.

Battle Manual one of three stating books for 2nd ed.  When I was first started seriously getting into 40k in 95 some guy was on his way out.  He wanted 20$ for this ended up giving it to me.  Covers have this plastic taped to it.  Looks just as tacky now as it did then.

Tasha, Suijin, Anons', Spyrle and Vargna have provided entries.  If you'd like to provide some make a comment.  Will update this post and put credit where its deserved.

slainte mhath

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Necrons Crypteks part 2

Traded an unpainted assembled Chaos Spawn from some 10 years ago for my fifth Cryptek.  Upon transaction Bryan said "I hope I never have to use it (spawn)."  Which I replied "I hope that is the result of the first roll on your Chaos Champion table."  Bryan's response "F you!"  Which made me laugh.

Jon Kovalic's Armour Black Primer for the fifth one's base.  Applying ballast, rocks on base, before basecoating is advantageous.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to Magnetize Bases

Had a little bit of time on my hands Thurs evening.  Decided to do some work on models which I might need in the immediate future.  FOYCON!  We're going to a GT, Bryan!

Models.  Magnets, Gale Force 9 grey stuff and Loctite superglue.  Honestly this is the best superglue I've ever worked with.  Would thank again but it might come off incredulous.

6th ed Rules of the Game: Tyranid Cheese, Monstrous Creature and Vector Strike

Ok this is unfair.  Plain unfair.

Tyranid Cheese.  Guess how many Tyranids took a wound in this turn?

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Friday, October 26, 2012

I never thought this day would come (Ebay Deathwing Land Raider)

While working on my Crypteks and fixing several broken Necrons I looked at the Ebay Deathwing Land Raider again.

I'm feeling very much like David Tennant in End of Time part 2.  He looked straight into the camera and said "I don't want to go."  One can feel the raw emotion in that scene.  That David actually didn't want to stop being the Doctor.  Yet he had to.

If it ain't broke... (Necron fixing)

One of my olde school Wraiths arm fell off couple of battles ago.  Wed nights battle against Matt I lost a couple of more pieces.  Since I'm "officially" done with the Ebay Deathwing Land Raider I decided I would fix these models while the Crypteks primer is drying.

Curious both left arm of Wraith and Spyder broke.

6th ed rules of the Game: Wound Allocation, Grounding, Fleet

As a buddy of mine Scott says: Repetition and Redundancy are keys to learning.

Necrons Crypteks part 1

First of all.  Thank you, Suijin and Shawn.  Pay respect where it is due.

Should need one more of these for the "next" part of my Necron army.  That is the part after the "flyer" part of my Necron army.  I'm beginning to believe that was a waste of 140$.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

12.10.25 1850 Necrons vs Tyranids

Had a great game last night.  Was too busy being in panic mode the entire night to realise what was happening on the field.

This was one of the many things making me nervous all night.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 14

It's done! 10 days ahead of schedule.  Thought the last two parts would take a week to complete.  Nope.  Just about 5 hours.  Painting surprises me at times.  What you think would take long finishes surprising quickly.  What you think is going to be quick takes far longer than expected.

The Rock "Petra."  Former Caliban broken up.  Based Adeptus Battlegrey,  The Rock and other bits of the former planet floating through Segmentum Obscurus.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to paint Nebula/Space

I was surprised how quickly the mural came together.  I consider it the "make or break" piece of the Deathwing Land Raider.  "Sure anyone can paint up a Deathwing Land Raider and throw it on Ebay.  How does mine stand apart?"  That is the question I had when I thought of Ebay'ing a Land Raider at the end of '10.

Decided Deathwing Land Raider would have The Rock painted on it with El'Jonson's sarcophagus surrounded by Watchers in the Dark.

Might have wondered why this side hasn't been painted.  Here it is.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 13

Time to paint the sponsons, again.  Didn't like how the sponsons turned out after the first time.  The Matt White was too watery and mixed with the previous layers too easily.  Decided to start over.

Figured out instead of holding the sponson and getting paint all on fingers and smudging it I'd use the sponson arm.  Worked extremely well.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Orikan/Writhing Worldscape & Tremorstave/Writhing Worldscape Tactics [Update 12.10.23]

This was originally going to be a post about my Canoptek Spyder lists which is turning into Canoptek lists and tactics I've used with them.  Looking at my list closer and really its based around Writhing Worldscape.  Here are some, mostly random, thoughts about Temporal Snares/Writhing Worldscape tic tacs.

Thank you, technorakel!
psst, I've been working on this post for about three weeks.  Needed to make A Lot of changes with sixth edition coming out.  Hope you enjoy and/or learn something from it.  I think I did.  /whinces

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Now for something embarrasing

Yes, my arrogance had the better of me.  I was going to win.  It was going to be great.  Was going to show the masses my brilliance, my genius, the true strength of my Necron army.  After my grandeur display no one was giving me applause.  In fact several were looking at me expecting me to know what they already figured out.

The pic is a dramatization of real events

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 12

Started sponsons last night.  Wasn't til I started them I realised how far I was along on this model.  I'm extremely hopeful I will meet the Oct 31st, now Oct 30th, deadline to complete this model.

Assembled and undercoated GW White Primer.

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 11

Put about 4 hours into Wed night.  Surprised how much was done.

Time to paint them treads.

How to Magnetize Weapons

It can be troublesome indicating a weapon has been destroyed.  One can to use magnets to take weapons off when they've been destroyed.

Potential problem I thought when magnetizing not being able to move the weapons on the sponsons.  Happy to say the lack of superglue doesn't really affect the sponsons ability to rotate the weapon.  This not something I want the winner of the Ebay auction to suffer from when using this model.

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 10

Finally back to what this months blog is about.  Did all three Forgeworld doors Tues night.

Background Blood Red.  Two coats of Devlin Mud, Army Painter Strong Tone (thank you, Ron).

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 7

Finally some progress.  What I consider progress.  This weekend should be especially fruitful.  Fighting off the gentle arms of Morpheus with all my might.

Finally ready for the Snakebite Leather, Balor Brown.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

6th ed Rules of the Game: Pile In, Whip Coils, Area Terrain

Final a few rules that I've been waiting for came into effect last night.

12.10.10 1500 Necrons vs Tyranids

Had a great game with a new opponent last night.  He had some old school Tyranids.  A lot of them painted.  How quickly he picked up 6th ed was surprising.  Great guy.

Flyrant, Trygon Prime, Ravener, Genestealers, Canoptek Wraiths and Scarabs in this mix.  Damn good party.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 6

Was able to put in just under 2hrs of work last night.  Turned out better than I thought.

Base coated with watered down Boltgun Metal.

Monday, October 8, 2012

How to make pivoting Hunter Killer Missile

I prefer to have as many moving parts on a model as possible.  By design GW models normally don't have many moving parts.  My Deathwing Land Raiders Hunter Killer Missiles pivot.  Who am I to deny that to the bidder who wins the auction?

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 5

Nice amount of work completed yesterday.
Tracks and doors.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 4

Put about 5 hours in today.  Surprising how fast this is going.  No doubt the detail I require will land and slow it down.  Then I'll get worried about the deadline.

All parts except one I missed watered down Boltgun Metal.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 3

Was able to put a couple of hours in Wed and Thurs.  Plan on spending about 9 hours painting today.  Perhaps that will really move this model along.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

12.10.3 1850 Necrons vs Eldar

Had some time to put down some models with Shawn tonight.  Too bad it was cut short.  Guess our chatting got away from us.

Centre of nine Canoptek Wraiths are Eldrad with two Wraithguard.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to Paint Hazard/Caution Stripes

Figured since I'm painting a Deathwing Land Raider to sell on Ebay in Nov I would also put up several "how to" posts.  Perhaps these posts will keep my view count up instead of steadily declining as someone says "Great he's putting on Bleach Bone again."  Sort of a way to mix it up.  I do have a game tonight.  BatRep will land Thurs morning.

I plan on fixing bumble bee on the left.  Don't like that at all.

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 2

I'm sure this will go way past part 10.  Expecting at least 20 parts.  Surprised at the amount work accomplished tonight with the little time I had.  Really have to get that under control.

Completed the Deus Ex Machina part.  Quite pleased with it.

Undercoated Citadel White Primer

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

40k 6th ed Lexicon v1.5

Lexicon Tuesday.  There's a great deal of information about 40k all over the web.  Many of it uses short hand to communicate a message.  I'm compiling a lexicon to help me decipher what it means.  Warseer uses a great system of links to know what it means.  I endeavour to copy their method in the future.  In the mean time I hope you learn as much as I do if not more.

Chaos Space Marines 2nd ed.  Second Codex purchased.

Tasha, Suijin, Anons', Spyrle and Vargna have provided entries.  If you'd like to provide some make a comment.  Will update this post and put credit where its deserved.

slainte mhath

Begin work on Ebay Deathwing Land Raider. The day I've been waiting for.

Time to start the project I've been planning for over a year.  Land Raider, Forgeworld doors and new brushes oh, my!  Time to get this party started.

Monday, October 1, 2012

12.9.30 1850 Necrons vs Orks

It has been months, not counting tourney, since I last played Connor.  Certainly haven't played him with my present Necrons list.  This should be a fun day.

Ghazghkull is in the centre of that mosh pit.

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