Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rotating the B-wing, a How to

Here's a little more of the x-wing bug that has bit me.

JJ typing, was at a midnight Wave IV tournament held at Your Moms Basement in White Bear Lake Township several months ago.  Chris from Twin Cities X-Wing eliminated my fleet of tie bombers with extreme ease then I instantly wanted to run his list.  Now I've been playing table wargames long enough to know the player is more important than what is on the table.  Still can't help but believe there's something to this list.  It is absolute murder.  After my second game was talking with Tony, also from TCXW, about getting some b-wings and making them so they can rotate like in the movies.  He said he's been meaning to do that and mentioned magnets.  Fast forward to now and here's the post.

Bought into this game end of last year.  Dove into the Imperial side of X-Wing.  There was only one model of the Rebels I liked and would purchase if I ever went to the dark side.  B-wing it was, finally purchased them last Friday.

Tools used:

Modelling knife
1/8 x 1/16 magnet

B-wing on its peg.

Simply twisted it gently back and forth til it broke.

This will be removed with clippers and cleaned up with modelling knife.

Also need to cut out the peg connection amongst the engines.

Found that 1/16 x 1/32 magnets weren't strong enough to hold the b-wing in place.  Had to remove it and use a larger magnet.  Applied superglue to the end placed magnet and waited about ten minutes.

Removed the column of magnets.  Polarity matters.  Hence the column of magnets in the previous pic.

Little work with a modelling knife to remove excess material amongst the engines and it was ready for a magnet.

Be careful as to not damage the engines with the modelling knife.  It is rather easy to do as you can see.

If you're fortunate the magnet will stay in place without superglue.  Also need to be sure that the magnet is level.  Certainly don't want a b-wing without its V-8 on purpose.  Used the aluminium (blogspots spellcheck thinks this word is misspelled) handle of the modelling knife to press the magnet in place.  That way it won't magnetize to the tool you're using to correctly seat it.

Tada! like the magazine you're done.

Unnecessary steps: Gave them a green wash with purple and silver accents.

Someone must have named this list The Crucifixion.

In case you're wondering what the list is:

3x Dagger Squadron Pilot with Fire-Control System and Heavy Laser Cannon.  Comes in at 99 points.  Which is ideal for initiative in situations when pilot skills are equal.  Rest of the time it doesn't matter.

It is a pretty mean list.  You'll always be rolling four attack dice either because of HLC at range 2-3 or range 1 with your primary weapon because of the extra attack dice.  Down side you only roll one Agility die. Sort of an upside is criticals won't matter until your shields are gone.  Once shields are gone you run the risk of pulling critical cards that strips upgrades.  Fire-Control System is just plain mean for 2 points.  Looking forward to using The Crucifixion in my next X-Wing game.

slainte mhath


  1. One more step to also add if your really really insane is to saw off the cockpit and add a magnet there too, in the fluff the ship rotated around the cockpit.

    1. Yeah, had some thoughts about that. Could cut the crew compartment off, add some extremely heavy weight then a little plastic card with some lubrication so it automatically rotates whenever the body spins. You are right though, that is really, really insane though.

  2. I've seen some individuals use a ball bearing between the engines as well. This allows the B-wing to rotate in all sorts of directions.

    Either way, great little tutorial! I don't have any ball bearings, but I have a ton of magnets :).

    I don't mess with pansy rebel scum ships though. :)

    1. Ball bearing is great idea. Wish I would've heard about it earlier. Would've used that. Thanks.

      Agreed with the rebel scum ships!


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