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6th ed Rules of the Game: Psychic Disciplines, Vehicles and Overwatch Re: Gun Drones and Marker Lights

Picked up a few rules during the Tau game.

Psychic Disciplines; Generating Psychic Powers 40k6 mini-rulebook pg 142

If the Psyker needs to generate more than one psychic power, repeat the above process until a number of psychic powers has been generated equal to the Pysker's Master Level.  Note that second and subsequent psychic powers do not have to be generated from the same psychic discipline as the Psyker's first power.  If a Psyker generates a power he already has, roll again in the same psychic discipline table until a power is generated that he does not aleady know.  It should be noted that different Psykers in the same army can have the same psychic power(s).

Context: When rolling Psychic Powers for the last game opponent said that only half your Psychic Powers can come from one Discipline.  Then half to roll from another Discipline.  Didn't look it up at the time.  Looked this up later.

Vehicles and Overwatch 40k6 pg 76 Re: Gun Drones

Unless specified otherwise, vehicles cannot make Overwatch fire - it takes too long to bring their weapons to bear.

Transports and Assaults 40k6 pg 80

If a Transport vehicle is assaulted, an embarked unit can fire Overwatch at the attackers out its Fire Points.

40k Rulebook FAQ pg 2

Page 80 – Transports, Transports and Assaults.  Change the first sentence to read “If a Transport vehicle is assaulted, an embarked unit can fire Overwatch at the attackers out of its Fire Points – note that a unit may still only fire Overwatch once in a turn, even if it is embarked on a Transport.”

4th ed Tau Codex pg 30

While attached, the Gun Drones may fire as part of the vehicle, using their own BS, in addition to any other weapons that would normally be permitted to fire, and are treated as passengers if the vehicle is damaged.

Tau FAQ pg 2

Page 30 – Gun Drones.

At the end of the last sentence ignore “and are treated as passengers if the vehicle is damaged.”

Tau FAQ pg 3 

Q. Can gun drones mounted on a vehicle still fire if the vehicle moved too fast, or isn’t allowed to fire its weapons for any other reason? (p30)
A. No, Gun Drones mounted on a vehicle may only fire if the vehicle is allowed to fire at least one weapon. If the vehicle is shaken or stunned, they can only fire Snap Shots.

Context: Devil Fish was assaulted by Eldrad and Friends.  It was believed Gun Drones attached to the Devil Fish could perform Overwatch.  In the game they did perform Overwatch.  Since vehicles cannot perform Overwatch, Gun Drones are unable to perform Overwatch when the vehicle is assaulted.  The way this was done in the game was incorrect.  Gun Drones performed Overwatch on Eldrad and Friends.  They should not have been able to do so per 40k6 pg 76 Vehicles and Overwatch corroborated by Tau FAQ pg 3 link above.

4th ed Tau Codex; Marker Lights sixth bullet point pg 29

To impose a -1 penalty on any Cover Saves the marked unit may have from the effects of the firing unit's shooting.  Multiple counters may be expended to impose a cumulative modifier.

Context: Tau used marker lights to reduce Eldrad and friends 2+ (due to Invisibility) to to 4+ cover save.  Those marker lights can be mean.

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  1. I really like these posts and you've helped myself and therefor my gaming group with them!

    Am I allowed to ask a rules question?!

    1. Glad these have helped you, ieuan.

      This blog is for everyone. Please ask a rules question, we will be more than happy to answer it.

  2. In a recent game we had an issue with troops disembarking from a Storm Raven at locked velocity, not sure if they can or can't

    I would guess they couldn't but we couldn't clarify it as the GK codex and rulebook conflict.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. I see how that one can be rather sticky. Especially since there is no Disembarking note in the Flyer section.

      Basic vs Advanced 40k6 pg 7

      Where advanced rules apply to a specific model, they always override any contradicting basic rules.

      Disembarking 40k6 pg 79

      A unit that begins its movement phase embarked upon a vehicle can disembark either before or after the vehicle has moved (including pivoting on the spot, etc) so long as the vehicle has not moved more than 6".

      Locked Velocity 40k6 pg 81

      If a Zooming Flyer suffers an Immobilised result, its velocity is locked. A Flyer with Locked Velocity cannot change speed for the rest of the game, but it must continue to Zoom at either Combat Speed or Cruising Speed (whichever it was using when it suffered the Immobilised result). Once a Flyer's velocity is locked, it cannot Evade and cannot move Flat Out. A Flyer with Locked Velocity can still turn before it moves as normal and if it leaves the board will enter Ongoing Reserves as normal.

      Rulebook FAQ pg 7

      Q: Can units embarked on a Flyer (Transport) make use of any
      special disembarkation rules for their passengers (such as Skies of Blood or Grav Chute Insertion) if the vehicle has suffered a Crew Shaken/Stunned or Locked Velocity? (p81)
      A: Yes.

      5th ed Grey Knights Codex; Shadow Skies pg 37

      If the Stormraven has moved flat out, passengers can still disembark, but they must do so as follows:

      Grey Knights FAQ pg 2

      Page 37 – Stormraven Gunships, Shadow Skies.
      Change the first sentence to read “If the Stormraven has
      moved more than 6", passengers can still disembark, but they
      must do so as follows:”

      (Damn! The Devil is truly in the details with this one. Worst one so far.)

      Context: Stormraven suffered an Immobilised damage result and is in locked velocity for the rest of the game the unit onboard want to disembark. Unfortunately there is no conflict of rules here q.v. Basic vs Advanced. The unit can disembark before the Locked Velocity Flyer moves per Disembarking 40k6 pg 79 and disembark as normal. However if the Locked Velocity Flyer moves more than 6" per Grey Knights FAQ pg 2 the unit must use Shadow Skies effects in 5th ed Grey Knights Codex pg 37. Now a Rulebook FAQ stating clearly that units cannot disembark a Locked Velocity Flyer before it moves would fix that. Since there is no mention we can use Grey Knights FAQ pg 2 “If the Stormraven has moved more than 6", passengers can still disembark, but they must do so as follows:” Basically the unit has choice to either A) Disembark before Locked Velocity Flyer moves or B) Follow Shadow Skies rules after the Locked Velocity Flyer moves.

      Thanks, ieuan. This was a fun one to look up. Hopefully it resolves the issue.

    2. I thought you couldn't disembark from a zooming flyer normally?

      They could still use the Shadow Skies rule though I agree.

      Don't have books on me at the moment to see specifically.

    3. Was unable to find that in the Flyer section. Will look that up. I have my book with me.

      Suijin, you may already know. You have mail.

    4. uhm, I think that they can't disembark before the locked velocity flyer moves, because:

      Rulebook page pg 79.

      A unit that begins its Movement phase embarked upon a vehicle can disembark either before or after the vehicle has moved so long as the vehicle has not moved more than 6"

      Since it's going to move more than 6" they can't disembark normally, only with the special rule "Shadow skies".

    5. My apologies, Shadowcl4w. Actually resolved this in the next Rules of the Game. There's a specific thread that covers this. Will put a link to it so I don't confuse people further.

    6. Here's the link to the correction. Thanks to Suijin for catching this one.

  3. Thanks very much for the answer! We can incorporate this into the games we have in the future. And if its ok, once I'm back on my pc can I link this to my blog?

    1. ieuan, it didn't occur to me til long after replying that I could've condensed the answer to Yes with the reference to two points instead of a long answer.

      Yeah, feel free to link this to your blog. This blog is for everyone.

  4. Thanks, A very useful information .


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