Tuesday, September 18, 2012

**Update** Help, Natfka's site blocked

Thursday I refreshed a tab on my work PC to see Faeit 212 latest post and I received a message saying This website is blocked due to its current content categorization: "Games;Blogs/Personal Pages"


Here's an update on this post.  My work doesn't have their own internet security, as I figured, they outsource to another company.  Specifically Blue Coat.

Yes it was from my work computer.  No doubt someone who's visited Faeit 212 has some sort of access to Blue Coat online security and can allow anyone who uses a work computer to visit the site.

This isn't a self-serving request.  This is a request for the public.  Those who break up the monotony of their work day by visiting the site in a responsible way.  It doesn't disrupt our metrics.  We know better when to read the blog compared to goofing off.  If there is someone who visits this site and has some sort of control of Blue Coat security to take Faeit 212 off the restricted list you'll be helping dozens of people who know when it's prudent to visit his site.


Access to my blog has never been restricted.  Nor Still Practicing or Lesser of All Evils, even Forgeworld.  Games Workshop has been restricted since last Thurs 13 Sept.  From the Warp is also not restricted.

While fearing my own internet activity lead to Natfka's site being restricted on my PC is not looking like it.

Here's the link to the internet security company


The specific protection the company I work for purchased is


Here's a list of companies that hire Blue Coat


I hope this is helpful for someone.  Most I would like for someone to recognize Natfka's blog should not be placed on a restricted access list.

As one of my buddies says.  He finds it funny which websites are blocked and which aren't.  He mentioned Games Workshop has been blocked and unblocked 4 times in the years he's been here.  Which makes sense.  There must have been a bid to handle our internet security the company couldn't refuse.  Or perhaps they grew upset with the former one and searched another out.  Perhaps a big wig wanted to lower the bottom line and offered Blue Coat as a suggestion.

**End of update**

I've visited Natfka's site every work day since May 2011.  I've found it to be a pleasant reprieve from the mindlessness of work.  Does this go in the face of those who wish to keep me "task orientated" and "not fooling around the internet?"  Yes.  Does visiting this site to read Natfka's quick posts affect my "metrics?"  No.  I have months of green numbers to prove this.

Guess I'm hoping against hope that someone who visits Natfka's blog works for big a corporations internet security /cough Honeywell /cough and has some sort of pull to lift the restricted site for others who appreciate the work Natfka puts into his blog.

Just like the Joker in The Dark Knight "Dent?  He's just the beginning."  Natfka's site maybe not be the first to be restricted.  It certainly won't be the last.  We can do something about this right now.

This does not come from a place of selfishness.  I would gladly give up my freedom to visit his site if everyone else can view it.  Hell I'd give up not only my work PC but my smart phone access as well to allow everyone access to the site.  I believe in freedom of information so much that I would personally allow mine to be restricted so that everyone else is not restricted.  Even if they didn't visit the site I would feel like I did something right.

slainte mhath


  1. Well, it's a decision of your employer (to make you work, ha-ha). Situation could be resolved to you satisfaction in case of not very qualified system administrators and poorly configured proxy at your work. Try to use google as simple workaround check if it works. If that won't help try to find out a way to use some proxy client. My best wishes.

    1. hehe, thought same Anon. Thanks for the information.

  2. correct link below, copy and try.


    1. Thanks, Anon. Same message.

      This website is blocked due to its current content categorization: "Games;Blogs/Personal Pages"

    2. Ok, it looks like I missed a bit regarding McAfeee. Trying to alter its configuration (local or ePO policy) could be interpreted as a break of your work contract and local law (just a warning), so I won't recommend to go this way.
      Instead, if you still inspired to do some investigation - run for Tor Browser product (another simple workaround). It could work if no properly configured proxy/router present in your intranet.

    3. Yeah, definitely don't want to me monkeying around with IP configuerations.

  3. I wonder what content its restricted for.

    1. Looks like your blog has been labelled "Games;Blogs/Personal Pages."

    2. 2Natfka
      Solely 'cause of waste of work time (from the perspective of a employer) I believe.

      2Sent One
      You are welcome. Hope it helped.

  4. Just use that fancy phone with the data man.

    1. If I use it then it will be a crutch.

  5. It's a bit slow, but the best thing I ever used at work was Peacefire's Proxy servers.


    You can subscribe to get the latest un-blocked proxy if you wish.


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