Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Attitude and Compassion

Would really like this post to reach its intended audience.  Seems to me there is a lot more GW bashing last several months than ever before.  Here are some thoughts.

JJ typing, recently purchased an un-assembled drop pod from someone on the cheap (12$ if you're intersted).  He's getting out of 40k because of the space marine novel fiasco.  Others are jumping ship because of treatment to bloggers, specifically Natfka.  Others still because of a myriad of reasons, usually cost.

While modeling/painting Mon night something occurred to me and I think it would be helpful for anyone who has jumped ship or is consider doing so.

Let's look at compassion briefly.  I mean literally look because presently that is all we have.

GW's legal hammer comes down and through google two blogs, big majour blogs, were turned off.  Faeit 212 and BoLS.  Shortly after we learn about this and the blogsphere erupts with posts.  Outrage ensues and vitriol is vomited forth.  Quagmire of blame and hysteria abound.  Almost no blog goes unscathed.

Shortly after we hear word from Natfka about what is happening and are pacified a little when BoLS returns.  Natfka comments that his blog remains down while BoLS is up and running again.  Faeit 212 returns to life weeks later and Natfka mentions his passion for the game.  In my opinion he has more right than anyone to be upset at GW.  Bloggers know how personal blogging can become.  BoLS they let go live shortly after being shut down yet Faeit 212 suffered longer.  And, Natfka remains positive and doesn't show any hard feelings towards GW about the affair.

I suggest once again we follow suit and practice the compassion Natfka has exhibited towards GW and learn about ourselves.  Learn we can be upset and endure those hard times.  Learn that we can be still and enjoy the peace after interesting times.  Let's follow his lead and remember where we found our joy so we can once again sit in the soft radiant glow of the happiness within us.

I'm aware the audience this post is trying to reach most likely will never read this.  That shouldn't stop me from expressing the message in the hopes that it reaches someone who's feeling this way.

If you wish to remain upset at GW for their actions and don't want to support them further, please do so.  I only ask that you do so without causing harm to yourself by continuing to hold a grudge or stress about it.  Live in peace with yourself and your environment.  There's no need to add more drama to your life that will lead to making you unhealthy physically and mentally.  There's more than enough drama to do that already.  We don't need to fabricate our own, furthering irreparable damage.  We can let go of stress and drama that we develop.  We can learn to navigate the stress and drama placed upon us by others.

Be angry or at peace about the GW ordeal.  Don't linger on either.  Be in this moment.  Give it adequate attention.  Holding it to your chest like a mother holds a crying child.  When those feelings are pacified  let them go and be in the next moment.

slainte mhath


  1. Agreed. I find myself moving away from them, but I think a lot of people feel hurt. They were the company that got many (if not all) of us into the mini hobby and it feels like they are being mean spirited in their quest for profit. For me it's not rage but resignation. Don't complain about the prices. It's a hobby you do with disposable income. Find another outlet. I don't play any more (shortage of time) and as I become a cabinet painter I have started looking at other mini companies. There a a lot of great minis I now want to paint - as a result I may actually spend MORE having moved away from GW. I am outgrowing them a bit, I think. I will never leave them because they do produce some nice kits and minis that I will still want to paint (and their paints are top notch. Though they won't get all my hobby time and money they will still be a part of my free time :)

    1. Really like how you put it, resignation. I don't see the quest for profit the same way as others. I do see something afoot, just not sure what. Something is definitely up.

      Completely agree there are a lot of new companies making some damned impressive models. Archangel from Warmachine. I'll buy and paint him one day.

      Love how you admit that you'll probably spend more money that you're moving away from GW. Very realistic.

      Thanks, Zab.

    2. Couldn't agree more. I don't always agree with their policies, but at the same time, I accept that 1.) they exist to make a profit and 2.) I can't possibly have the same perspective on business decisions they do. While some policies may seem backward to me, I know I don't have all the data and info, just intuition.

      That said, even if I disagree, I completely love the game, the fluff, the universes they've created, and the models. I'm not going to spite myself and ditch something I love because of something I disagree with that has little direct effect on me or my enjoyment of my hobby.

    3. Great points, Evan. Especially 2). That just makes sense. It's easy to pick on the big guy and armchair CEO/CFO. Being in the trenches is something completely else.

      LOVE the 40k universe!

  2. Won't someone please think of the children!

  3. I totally agree with you.

    Natfka is the one that get me up. (Literally: every morning, the first thing I do, is check my smartphone for new Natfka posts)

    When he went down, I was so upset.
    But well:
    1st: I have so many minis that I will not switch game, moreover my friend won't, and moreover-moreover I have no time for it.

    2nd: GW is expensive but compares to who? There is a linear function between Price and Quality.
    GW is not on this line, Quality is top rank for a little bit more than average price.
    For example, yes Warpath is cheap, but look at the quality.
    Yes, Scibor Models are awesome, check the price.

    3rd: Legal, yes companies protect their IP. Natfka gets his blog closed for 2 weeks, but now he is back with everything.
    Leaking some stuff is now one of the major marketing tools, to make selling explode, so I do not get it.
    I think me and my friend bought more stuff from GW due to Naftka.
    They should pay him instead of closing him down.

    Now, after Naftka came back, I'm in peace with GW, even if, well..., now I'm looking much more to Non-GW-GW models makers: Scibor, Puppetwars, etc ^^

    1. Zero, I also used to check his blog first thing in the morning. And several times during the day. However internet security changed for work pc, now I can't.

      I can see payment being a little much for Natfka. Do think GW should be sending him rumours. If they aren't already. Sort of getting an inside track. Though they did change their business plan for pre-order release information.

      I've been looking at other models as well. Not for a game, for revenue. Way to get my business known. Have eyes on a collosal for the next ebay model.

  4. GW has been doing many things right lately with electronic versions of their books, very fast codex releases (some could view as good or bad), fast Faq updates, etc. Now it could be that they were doing such a horrible job before that now it looks like they are doing better, but it still shows much improvement.

    I personally think it mostly has to do with greater competition in the gaming marketplace as the reason GW woke up from their slumber. They may have more reasons in there too, who knows.

    1. These last 7 months have been a dream come true for me. Since 2nd ed I've wanted quick releases of codex. Remember all the thin condexes in third and lack of codexes in fourth and fifth. What use to be 2 or 3 codexes released a year has been dwarfed by the mass released they've done.

      I'm with you, Suijin. That GW has more competition now than ever.


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