Thursday, April 2, 2015

Modelling for Advantage, err I mean Canoptek Wraiths part 1

Love my Necron wraiths.  They are quite useful on the battlefield.  Not a fan of how quickly they are removed.  Here's something I've wanted for a while.

JJ modelling, the new Canoptek Wraiths are beautiful models.  Lots of style with an elegant grace.  However they are a bit too tall to effectively hide from the entire army that wants to shoot at them to get them off the table.  Love their 3++, all the opponent has to do is continue shooting until the squad is gone.  And the enemy has a lot to shoot with.

Put my plastic wraiths up on ebay for a decent price, no buyers though.  Then placed them on a table gaming site wanting to trade them for 3rd ed metal ones.  That's when someone asked if I was modelling for advantage because the metal ones are smaller and easier to hide.  Admitted to that thinking and someone took me up on the trade.

Apparently one of the wraiths had a broken arm so another wraith was thrown into the trade.  Wasn't worried about the conditions of the wraiths as long as they were metal.  Can clean up any previous modelling mistakes.  Two arms were broken and used some Necrons bits to make them whole again.  Some pinning was involved here and there and the squad is mostly ready.
Bit from the new Canoptek Spyder.

This guys base was unlike my current wraiths so needed to remove the base.  Some clipper action here and there and he was freed with no damage.

Will say really like this paint scheme.

Simple and elegant.

Everybody is attached to their base and based with beige ballast.

Now these guys are ready for some paint.

slainte mhath


  1. I don't think you can really model wraiths for advantage. If your are trying to hide the wraiths, they aren't being used to their maximum aggressive levels...and with the ability to have 4+ RP (canoptek harvest), T5, 2W, 3++ and reroll 1's on saves (thanks to orikan), you don't really need to worry about them being shot up too much.

    That being said, if you like the older metal models, more power to you!

    1. Completely agree about using wraiths to their max aggressiveness. That 24" or more gulf is awefully deadly for wraiths. Wouldn't run them with the harvest because the limitations on spyders and requirements for my scarab swarm. Wraiths can possibly close that gulf in one turn of shooting at best. However a second turn usually leaves one, perhaps two if you're lucky, left on the field. Which isn't as effective as five or six.

      Look at wraiths same as I look at terminators. Yeah that 2+ armour save is great. Just shoot them enough and those ones will start appearing and models will be removed.

    2. Highly, highly, highly suggest running them with the harvest. Definitely try it once or twice. It's not limiting at all...and it makes the wraiths horrifyingly resilient.


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