Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Paint Flames

Here's a how to request from my brother Bryan.  Enjoy.

JJ typing,

First started painting a large flame.  Then it occurred to me that a large flame might not be an appropriate for this how to.  Perhaps a smaller flame.  Something closer to our little plastic soldiers.

Outline is Ice Blue.  Suggest starting the flame from the outside so you know where the boundary is.  Then you can build the inside.

Middle part of the flame is Enchanted Blue.

Regal Blue for the centre and tendrils building into arms.  While it isn't pretty it works.  This is a stepping stone to painting a better flame.

Now to enhance the flame.  Instead of using a wet pallet I used a piece of cardboard.  Some don't have a wet pallet.  Wanted to use something everyone has.  Put three bristle full of Ice Blue on the pallet.

Then added one bristle full of Enchanted Blue to make the transition from Ice Blue to Enchanted.

Now we have the beginning of the transition of colours.

Then take 3:1 Enchanted Blue with Regal Blue and build up the flame into the arms.  If you thinned your paints appropriately, 1:1 paint to water, can actually do some wet blending mixing the colours together.

I'm not a fan of pushing painted boundaries beyond what was painted.  Here more Ice Blue on the outside of the flame.  Not sure if it helps at all.

Red flame or autumn leaf?  Originally started out with Flash Gitz Yellow for the border.  Then remembered yellow is normally at the centre.

Tips for this flame.  Evil Scarlet for border.  Lines of Blazing Orange to build up body.  Didn't fully painted the body, left parts showing through.  Finally built up Flash Gitz Yellow til I was satisfied with the middle.

Here are some examples.

slainte mhath


  1. Nice looks awesome. Would you do the same with a green flame? -LT

    1. Thanks. Yeah, green flame would work the same. Caliban Green for the edge, Goblin Green for body and Scorpion Green for the core.


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