Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Epic 40k Orks Troops and Shootas

Here are some Epic 40k Orks for you fungal spore lovers out there.

JJ painting, this is a Warhammer 40k Epic Orks commission for Brad.

What a post?  This is crazy.  Well I agree.  This year hasn't been what I expected.  Hell last several months have been completely unexpected.  Damnit, the last two weeks have been one hell of a ride.  Bad news could be aired, that would probably bring some down.  While things aren't ideal, my head's above water.  The good news is that there are A Lot of epic orks at my place to paint for commission, with possibly IG following after.  Had an intake last Wed which landed me another commission.  This time of Warmachine!  Yeah, terribly excited.  Been wanting to paint Warmachine models for sometime.  Also was finally able to talk to a particular Warmachine player at Fantasy Flight last Fri about which colossal to buy, paint and throw up on ebay.  Of course the way metas change may be looking at a different colossal should my painting schedule clear up.  Which hopefully it won't.  Received more Eldar from Shawn.  He liked how the dire avengers turned out.

Here's to people wanting me to paint their models.  Thank you!  Let your desire of buying more models than you have time to paint them ever increase so I can be of service.

slainte mhath


  1. Oh hell, those look great! How are your eyes after dealing with 6mm scale?

    1. Thanks, Zab. Was thinking the same. Actually they weren't that bad. Guess muscle memory may have been a factor.


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