Friday, March 28, 2014

Rule Question Regarding Charging

Requesting help locating a possible rule in the rulebook.

JJ typing,

Was playing a game earlier this week.  Question came up that we couldn't find in the rulebook.  Perhaps someone can help us find it.

Question: Can you charge in the first turn?  Assuming all things go according to plan, movement and random charge distance can a unit charge an enemy unit in the first turn?

Both Special Rules Infiltrate and Scout state units that deploy using those rules cannot charge in their first turn 40k6 pages 38 and 41 respectively.  Haven't seen anything from stopping someone from charging first turn when deployed normally.

If you know where the rule is that you can't charge first turn can please tell me what page it is on?

slainte mhath


  1. Looking through the Assault Phase rules my self, i see no rule that dictates one way or another. IF you can get within 12" and LoS or an enemy unit on your first turn, there seems to be nothing preventing a charge with the exception of Infiltrate and Scout.

  2. I believe all of this is true, but I do not have the rulebook on me.

    You can charge first turn if you deploy normally (however this will usually not happen because you and your oppenent should be 24 inches away from each other, which is the maximum some units are capable of moving think assault marines,UNLESS there are quite a lot of scout moves and infiltrators). As a side note infiltrators cannot assault the first PLAYER turn SO if you go second your infiltrators may assault (at the beginning of the 40k rulebook it states the word turn (unmodified) refers to player turns).

  3. Nothing prevents you from charging first turn. Scout and infiltrate are the only limitations to charging first turn, or other things like disembarking. Unless implicitly stated that you cannot, you can charge.

  4. You can charge as normal in the first turn unless you are deploying using a rule that specifically says you cannot (Infil, deep strike or scout usually). There isn't a rule that say you can or can't, every turn has an Assault Phase even the first so you are just following the turn progression. Hope that helps 8)

  5. I'm sure that its in an FAQ but could be wrong. As far as i'm aware there is nothing stopping you charging first turn if you deploy normally, the rules are there to stop you taking advantage of infiltrate rules to take out a unit before your opponent has a chance to do anything. I could be wrong but thats my understanding.


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