Monday, October 27, 2014

Eldar Alaitoc Meets Tron Wave Serpents for Sale

Shameless plug.  These beautiful ladies are up for auction.

JJ posting, if you, or if you know someone, have a little bit of coin and wants to pick up these wave serpents they are for sale.
Ebay link: Eldar "Alaitoc meets Tron" Wave Serpents

slainte mhath


  1. Best of luck with the sale! Did the original buyer fall though? I hope not, these guys are lovely.

    1. Thanks. Going to celebrate sushi after these are purchased. There was no original buyer. Back in June of last year had the idea to paint these up and throw them up on my commission site. Plan was that someone could purchase them instead of going through ebay. However, life had other plans for me. These were put on hold for about 14 months. Finally finished them and put them up on ebay. So far no biters. Did one three day auction, then another one day auction. Guess it is ideal for auctions to end Sun evening since most people will be home. There are a lot of people looking at the listing. Hope these guys sell soon also. Thanks for the compliment.

    2. I don't really understand how ebay works with painted models. I always seem models on there going for what I feel is way less then I'd want them to go for.

      I was going to buy zab's marine but I forgot and it went for 1/20th what it should have gone for :(.

    3. Right with you on not understanding the painted models on ebay thing. Yeah, most models are sold cheap! Don't plan to reduce the price of the wave serpents. Might have missed the wave serpent craze, like I usually do.

      Now that super stinks. Picking up one of Zab's works would have been ideal.

    4. Ya I bit myself in the butt on that one.

      I wouldn't lower your price either. It could just be a time thing. I had a very expensive item (long story, but past engagement ring), that I refused to budge the price on. It eventually sold, just took awhile.

    5. Appreciate the advice. Allows me to steel myself further.

      Past engagement ring, man, that sounds rough.

      I've done enough of the reducing price game on ebay, two items out of the five I've put up, and didn't feel good about it. One wasn't really reducing the price, just misremembering the price. It sold for that price. Guess really one item was reduced so it would move, the Hive Crone. Still don't want to do that ever again.

    6. If you find you keep not getting bites, try separating them out into individual sales. I'm hoping somebody else sees our conversation and tips in!

    7. Really don't want to split them up. Purposely painted them as a set. Though could get more money that way. Then people are outbidding each other in order to have matching pairs or set.

      Great idea, that'd be nice. Lots for me to learn regarding ebay and selling.

    8. Sometimes I just auction them off to clear space in the cabinet and they go for a steal. Sometimes I do a set price and donate 100% of the money to a charity. Of course, it's not my full time gig and just a hobby for me so that takes the pressure off. JJ is all in and I have so much respect for him because of that :)

    9. Zab, apologize for not responding earlier. I've overwhelmed with emotions from your comment. Wish I could say something meaningful and as heartfelt as your comment made me feel. Unfortunately my silver tongue is a loss for words. Thanks. Genuinely means a lot.


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