Sunday, October 5, 2014

SGP Sales Eldar Wave Serpent Waltz part 6

Man it has been a while since I've touched these.

JJ painting, some of you may remember these from last Sept.  Was working on these just before a commission.  These were thrown on the back burner.  Since I've placed myself in a rather unfortunate situation I've pulled these guys out and hoping to get some survival money.  There's a buyer that liked my previous work and he said if there's anything else I'm doing to contact him.  Will give him a day before throwing these up on ebay.  Unfortunately they won't be on my commission sites sales page, simply don't have the time.  Need some cashiesh quickly.  For some reason cars need gas and people need to eat.

From order...

into chaos...

into order.

Magnetizing the weapon under the cockpit.  Little clipping and some cleaning with a modelling knife and its ready to go.

These will be finished today.

There's a lot more work going on with these models than what you see.  Been doing some cool stuff for a couple of days.  Wanted a huge reveal, unfortunately had to do a ton of stuff online for a new rent paying gig.  Took a huge chunk of yesterday away from the table.  Sure many will like it.

Til tomorrow take care of yourself and others.

slainte mhath

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