Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tips for Painting Multiple Flesh Tones

Say you have a tremendously cool client who wants different coloured flesh tones on his/her models, or you want to mix up the skin tones of your models.  Here's something I stumbled upon.

JJ typing, you pick up more flesh tones and then you wonder who you mix them up to appear random.  Because let's be fair.  Too much dark or light and flesh begins too look hegemonic rather quickly.

After all humans are the only species that do not adhere to "birds of a feather..." behaviour.  Yet no other species is destroying the planet.  This seriously has me thinking.

After painting a ton of different models with multiple flesh tones and getting all mixed up.  I accidentally ran across this tip.

I grabbed Kislev Flesh and placed it by a model.  It suddenly occurred to me to line up flesh tone paint with each column.  Then as each model's flesh was painted I turned the model around to know which were painted and which weren't.

Quite on accident Dark Flesh wasn't picked up and queued for the pic.

slainte mhath


  1. Another quick tip. Use different washes as the final step on the same base coat. They'll all tint slightly differently.

    1. Excellent tip as always, Greg. Use gryphonne sepia over Kislev and tallarn flesh to have different hues of flesh.

      Thanks, Greg!

    2. Using washes to tint underlying colors (i guess that is technically glazing) is quite possibly my favorite thing to do.

      Extra bonus tip. You can use the exact same wash on each model, but thin it differently, to get different tint strengths.

      You can also mix washes together to adjust the tint just slightly. Lots of fun stuff!

    3. More excellent info, Greg! Thanks


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