Friday, December 6, 2013

Polarity Matters: Magnetizing War Walker Weapons Like a Boss.

Here are some hopefully helpful pics for magnetizing weapons.

JJ modelling, Toni wants all weapon options on his 40k Commission Eldar army to be magnetized.

Used 1/16 x 1/32" magnets and drill bit.

Put one magnet in a weapon and kept the column of magnets attached to make sure all weapons were seated the same way.  Don't want to flip the column around and end up putting a magnet in reverse.  Would be a pain removing the magnet and reseating it.  Done correctly the first time will save stress and aggravation later.  Take your time and breathe.

Now for a Brightlance.  Just a little drop of superblue in magnet seat.

Grabbing the column from the attached magnet in the Buanna.

If you're lucky the magnet will seat correctly without having to push it farther in.

Most of the time it will stick out little.

When the magnet doesn't completely sit in the space use something non-magnetic to push it in.

Plastic end of a large modelling knife for example.

Now time to move to the weapon mounts.

If you use your drill right you can actually sit in the mount then gently remove any plastic that provides resistance.

Use the column attached to the weapon to push the magnet, the opposite polarity, into the weapon mount.

Tip the column 90 degrees to remove it from the superglued magnet in the mount.

Same for other side.

Now to randomly grab a weapon and see if it works.

One connected.


Because you only get one set of weapons on the War Walkers this is probably the idea set up.  Laser lock helps with re-rolling to hit on Starcannons.

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