Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Building a Better Base a.k.a. Thanks, Zab.

Here's a video of constructing the first draft of this flyer base.

JJ posting,

slainte mhath


  1. Waste not want not. Which is really code for : I'm cheap. Hell, I'll pinch a nickle 'til the beaver screams (We have beavers up here on our moneys)

    1. Beaver screams, that's pretty funny.

      Ok, what gives, Zab? I make a base and its too flat. I listen to you and challenge myself to step up and get nothing from you. All jokes aside. What do you think? Still needs work? Where and how? Looks much better? Give me something. Apologies if I'm a little needy today. Working through some things.

    2. I like the rocks, but the flock is too uniform. You may want patches of different colors. Also, under painting the base can affect the color of the flock too. Have you ever tried painting your bases? I notice you seem to flock or lay down gravel, but rarely paint them. Is that style choice or a cost to effort ratio thing? I know some people who only want a wash over their sand and rocks and hate the painted look. I bet you could get some great results given your natural skill with the AB. Maybe check out some of Buy Painted's basing videos on youtube if you are interested in giving it a shot. He gets great results with minimal colors and effort. I'm not trying to be too critical, but it feels sometimes like you kill it on the model and then lose interest on the base, which I feel deserves just as much effort as the model since it will often interact with the model or showcase it.

    3. Great feedback. hmm, seems I have to work just a little bit harder to get your approval on bases. Which is a good thing, quite good thing.

      Haven't tried painting the bases before applying the flock. Not sure where you see gravel, none was used. Flocked is still too uniform. Perhaps some slightly raised cork then flock, or break it up with tufts of grass.

      Will check out the videos.

      No, critical is good. Can't nail a great base on my first attempt. Plus approval is something best withheld til it is truly earned. Thanks for the info!

    4. Yeah, i think just breaking up the flock with some areas of interest and different textures will help. I think the important thing is to look at nature and see that it doesn't do uniform or symmetry very often. The base painting doesn't have to take long either. Remember when you were talking about when to be neat and sloppy? You can be really sloppy when painting a base and it will look great because it will look natural. One of the best exercises you can do its Google different landscapes (painted or photos) and then try to recreate a few of them in 3d using the materials you have. If they turn out well you can always paint up minis for them later or keep them around for reference :)

    5. I get you. Even with the cork made into rocks there is still too much flat area. Pre-paint. Then break up the flatness. Great suggestion googling landscapes and replicate them.

      Had that thought of working it with bases as an exercise. Thanks for all the help.

    6. Glad to help. truth be told i think i like base work more than most and it shows in my work. I have a hard time dialing it down for gaming minis. "LOS is for suckers! Look at how awesome he looks dying on that nice base!" o_O Yeah, I'm not a great general...

    7. Some day I'll be doing bases like Jim. Layer of cork with baked and carved sculpty ontop. Then glue some sand where the cork meets the base. That day maybe coming sooner than I expect.

      Damn funny comment about LOS is for suckers. With you on that one. Jim told me, during our dinner back in July, that people message and tell him that his bases are wrong. That they can't get into base-to-base contact. Because of that those people don't like his bases. Jim said that isn't the case. Bases can get into contact. Said it with a sort of sneer on his face. I replied "haters gonna hate."

    8. Agree with Zab. When we use flock, remember we can use a lot of different type of flock. Ground scatter is rarely uniform in any aspect, so go a bit crazy. I find that bases sometimes look better the more random they are. Use some grasses (not the same type in each spot), and different colored flock.

      Also consider (if you start painting the bases directly), using actual pieces from nature. Find a cool rock? Clean it up, glue it on, prime and paint that bad boy! (something james taught me!)

    9. There's a recent base I did for Shawn. Pretty sure I have the pics. I'll post them and see if it is more along the lines of we're all thinking.

      Thanks, Greg!


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