Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crimson Hunter Base Completed

This base taught me a lot.

Ripped off the mistake basing, which was surprisingly easier than expected.

JJ constructing and painting (deja-vu anyone?), this is an Eldar Crimson Hunter commission for Shawn.

As mentioned in the first post on this topic, what did I learn with this base?  Patience.  Let the glue and wash completely dry before flocking and finishing the base.  Which was immediately implemented when I was re-doing this base.

Still don't understand this.  Glued first layer of cork on the base. 

Glue covering the rest of the base.

Now a liberal dump of Shawn's basing material and that part is done.  Gave it 24 hrs before going to the next part.

Tapped off excess and the base is ready for the next part.

Added layers of cork.

This is my main problem when using cork on bases.  Following the example of Andrew I want to build up layers of cork and rough them up so they are unrecognizable.

Here you can see the flat cleavage of the cork.  Which I frankly find unappealing.

Roughed up the cork to eliminate the flat surface.  Much better.

Dheneb Stone for basecoat.

Washed Army Painter Soft Tone.

Washed Army Painter Strong Tone.

Grey Knight terminator gear based Leadbelcher.  Highlighted Ironbreaker.  Shoulder relief based Vallejo Model Air Steel.  Then washed with Army Painter Strong Tone followed with stripes of Army Painter Soft Tone.  Book based Balor Brown, washed Army Painter Strong Tone.

That's it.  Finally finished.  Damn fun and learning galore.

Moral of the story: Washes are extremely wet and need time to dry, unless you hit them with a hair blow dryer.  Allow time for the glue to dry before painting the cork.

slainte mhath


  1. The stones look much better painted, try hitting them again with your highs or wipe some of the wash off with a damp towel or even your finger while it is still wet to bring back some of the mid and high tones underneath. Then you wont even have to hit them with your highs again :)

    1. Was thinking to same thing, Zab. Perhaps multiple drybrushing and washes might have affected the result.

  2. Much better. Maybe paint up the rocks before placing them on the base then retouch if need be? -LT

    1. That's an idea. Pull the rocks off before the glue dries.


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