Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crimson Hunter Flyer Base part 1 a.k.a. My Favourite Mistake So Far

Hope everyone enjoys their day of gladiatorial games.  Today I'll be painting and watching some movies.

JJ constructing and painting, this is an Eldar Crimson Hunter commission for Shawn.

This post is a long time coming.  Last Jan I painted up a hive crone and Zab said it looked great and that I mailed it in with the base.  Bought three flyer bases early last year to practice some basing but like many projects they never reached the front burner.  Then Shawn handed me his crimson hunter and it was time to practice some basing.  Look forward to the video landing next week regarding this base.

Enjoy the ride.  Damn it was fun.  Those familiar with my foreshadowing are sure to have a hearty laugh at the end.  It is something I won't soon forget.  Thank the gods.

Purchased at Michaels.

Yep this guy will help out.  Won't be using nearly half.

Never understood why people do this with bases.


Close up of the individual layers.

Some adjustments and those layers become one solid rock.  Want to push myself further decided to add some bits.  Grey Knight terminator bits.  Also time to throw in some age olde icons.

Close up of ripped up cork.

Don't toss the ripped off bits.

Throw them in a container that consists of a lot of left over bits.  That'll help with bases not being so flat.

Wasn't thinking when I did this step.

Sword and the stone.

Might want to paint the rocks first before flocking.  Otherwise flock will be painted white.

Blue taped the base and airbrush Vallejo white primer.

Here for your viewing pleasure is beginning of the mistake.  If you've done this you must be laughing and/or feeling really bad for me about now.

Rocks painted Balor Brown.

Washed with Army Painter Soft Tone.

Heavy drybrush of Balor Brown.

Seems the sword wanted too much attention.  Also a lot of washes seems to mess with the just starting to cure elmers glue.  Next time, which arrives shortly after this session, I'll have to wait a little longer to let the glue completely dry.

Army Painter Strong Tone wash.

Removed the tape and used my airbrush, not hair blow dryer, to dry areas of the washed rocks.  Then applied elmers glue on the base.

Didn't go slow with this part at all.  Went all in.  Instantly after dumping about half the contents of Shawn's basing container I knew what mistake I made.  Damn it!  Can't believe I was that foolish.  Immediately started laughing my ass off.

Fuzzy rocks anyone?  Yep I didn't give the wash any time to dry.  It was also wet and provided more than ample surface for the basing material to happily cover.  Attempted to rub off the flock.  Nope, stuck.

What's the moral of the story other than waiting for washes to dry.  Well that'll be covered in the conclusion of this base a couple of posts from now.

Damn that was funny!

slainte mhath

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