Monday, June 8, 2015

Alaitoc Crimson Hunters part 1

While waiting for some feedback and a modelling tool decided put some time into my Eldar Alaitoc army.

JJ assembling,

Enjoying a glass of riesling.  Not quite what I'm looking for, will continue searching.

slainte mhath


  1. I'm a malbec drinker myself!

    1. Which malbec, Greg. I'll pick up a bottle.

    2. Bottle? I get it by the BOX!
      (usually bota box malbec)

    3. Excellent. Never had box wine. Will pick a box and let you know.

    4. I generally find the bota boxes (and similar boxed wines), really fantastic. It's about the cost of a bottle, but holds four inside, and the spout lets you just have a single glass, without worrying about trying to re vacuum seal the wine bottle and such.

      I still find that certain bottled wines are of course tastier, but from a cost and convenience standpoint (just want a glass at the end of the day), you can't beat the bota's.

    5. Not sure what happened to me publishing comments over the last several days. Thanks for the suggestion.


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