Monday, February 3, 2014

14.1.27 1850 Necrons vs Imperial Guard

Here's a long overdue battle report.  Enjoy.

JJ playing, had a game with Bryan last Mon.  Fun time had by all.  My good news will have to wait for another day.  Sorry, 40'kers.

Wore my VNV Nation hoodie.

Mission: The Scouring.  Deployment: Vanguard Strike.  Bryan won roll off decided to deploy and go first.

Our stage of trial and error.

IG deployment.

Necrons deployment.

Attempted to seize initiative with Imotekh.  2 appears, IG continue to go first.  Second time Imotekh did that to me.

Top of first.  Bryan asked during my deployment why my scarabs were spread so far out, spyders also.  Told him because of blast markers.  I'm a slow learner that way.  Finished it with, if he didn't have blast markers my army would be closer together.  Couple of rounds of basalisk markers and a few scarabs are removed.  Imotekh and his chronometron are put down.  Imotekh stands back up.  Chrono does not.  That is upsetting.

Bottom of first.  Spawn scarabs.  Should've put the spyders ahead of the scarabs.  Maybe not.  Still thinking about that one through.  Everyone moves up.  Would love to get second turn assault on some basalisk armour.  My scarabs are hungry.  No lightning.

Top of second.  Imotehk rolls to see if night fight continues, 1 appears.  Really upsetting.  Well that was useful.  Second time out of the last two games that has happened.  He better make it up to me.  Need to do something with that guy.  Think I figured it out.  All vendettas arrive from reserve.  Three of them have veterans inside.  Scarabs are removed due to shooting, C'tan takes a wound and spyders also take a wound or two.

Another thing to cross off the list of things I wanted to happen when reading entropic strike in 5th ed Necrons codex.

Bottom of second.  Spawn scarabs.  Orikan, who is also a objective scoring unit due to Personal Warlord trait, allows both Necron troops to arrive.  They come onto the board close to objectives.  Wraiths also come in from reserves.  Scarabs make assault with basalisks.  This is going to be awesome!  Tanks didn't move.  Twenty-four hulls points were removed from the squad of two tanks.  Wrecked vehicles, baby.

Top of third unpictured.  IG go into defensive mode.  They certainly don't like wraiths being that close.  Vendettas, veterans and Inquisition allies attack the wraiths.  Inquisitor with her crusaders assault one squad.  Which I agree with.  Attack the wraiths on your terms not theirs.  They remove a wraith.  Shooting from vendettas remove four.  Other vendettas remove two spyders.  Basalisk removes the last of the scarabs.  Couple of rules I and Bryan did wrong in this game.

Another great moment.  Disorganized charge so one wraith can take out a basalisk, while the other takes on IG company commander, primaris psyker and a vet squad.  Basalisk is immobilised.  Wraith removes a vet, takes a wound back.
Bottom of third.  Forgot to run both the spyders and c'tan last turn.  That might have been helpful.  One Necron troop joins cryptek.  Other squad joins cryptek, Imotekh follows suit.  Finally crusaders and inquisitor are removed, wraiths consolidate toward the aegis line.
Top of fourth.  Each armies front line has been chewed up and is removed.  Veterans from vendettas disembark.  Vendettas go into hover mode.  Which is great because I have hunger spyders.  Shooting from one veteran unit removes a spyder in the middle of the field.  Basalisk is removed by wraith.

This spyder all by itself removed a Vendetta from play.  Good spyder!  C'tan did some work on other vendetta.

Bottom of fourth.  Due to spyders and c'tan only one vendetta remains on the field.  Bryan said he was going to be "that guy" which is good.  Hopefully next time I don't make the same mistake when charging within 1"

Top of fifth.  A lot of IG shooting C'tan and solo spyder are removed.  Another spyder is removed.  Down to one left.  Veterans throw themselves at a spyder so it won't take out the last vendetta.

Bottom of fifth.  Made a mistake by having cryptek infront of warriors on left objective.  Spyder removes a vet.

As of right now Necrons won this game 9 to 3.  However a die roll can easily change it.

Bryan rolls and 4 appears.  Onto turn six.  Necrons have lost the game.

Top of sixth.  Spyder takes a wound.  No vets removed.  Luckily both warriors and cryptek remain on objective.
Bottom of sixth.  Spyder takes a wound removes a vet.  Not much left to do.  A lot of models have been removed from both sides.

Time to see if Necrons can keep the close points margin or if it gets worse.

Roll for turn seven.  5 appears, turn seven here we come and ouch.

Top of seventh unpictured.  Vendetta and basalisk remove warriors and cryptek from objective.  The points margin is growing larger.  Vet squad with psyker break off.  They assault solo spyder, it takes another wound.  No IG removed.

Bottom of seventh.  Spyder finally takes enough wounds and can't make the saves.  Its removed.

Agree with Bryan it was a hard fought game.  Most of each army was removed from the board.  Couple of things for me to work on with is aggressive list.

Lose 10-6 Imperial Guard

slainte mhath


  1. Good battle report. Little more detail would be nice. -LT

    1. LT, what would you like detailed more?


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