Friday, February 14, 2014

Dystopian Wars Battleships, and Airplanes, and Zeppelins oh my!

Last wave of Dystopian War models.  There's a whole new set of models for me after I return these.  Quite an exciting time for Silver Gargoyle Productions.

JJ painting, these are Dystopian Wars commission.

This is an example of three-colour minimum.

The zeppelin to end all zeppelins.

On an unrelated note.  Looks like our sandbox is under attack by moveable type again.  While not as a vicious as the wave that occurred in Dec to Jan.  There was a short reprieve from the moveable type attack a couple of weeks across Jan and Feb.  Now it's ramping up again.  Guess there's some sort of ego regarding view count.  If it's due to moveable type my motivation to post is greatly reduced.  I understand there are feelers and spiders out there that inflate view counts, moveable type is a different beast all together.  Would rather the view count of our sandbox to be genuine not receiving some 1,000 views a day because of bots.

I'm trying to get over this moveable type attack so I can resume my daily posting.  That is my excuse for lack of regular posts this week.  Also the reason for the caption when making a comment.  I hate captions.

On the extreme plus side.  As mentioned earlier.  Currently have three commissions lined up.  Two of them have models at my place right now.  Third will happen when I get these models back.  Looks like my Jan discount special has garnered some attention.  This reminds me about customers and business success.  Which inspires me to create a post.  Should I type one up it'll land next week.

slainte mhath


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