Friday, September 5, 2014

Death Company Stormraven part 1

Had this guy sitting at my place for quite some time now.  Going to be bouncing around many projects.

JJ painting, Tallarn mailed me this guy several months ago.  Asked if he'd like me to paint him another model to make the header of the blog and my commission site.  He said yeah.  Sent me this Death Company Stormraven which will be transports for the squad I painted earlier in the year.  As he said: There won't be too much, I've already done the lion's share.  Will say he is right.  Finishing up this model won't take too long.

Anyone else think stormravens eye brows need some trimming?  Even has a smile on his face.  Perhaps it has really large eye brows because it is really happy.  Mean drinker I tell ya.

Tallarn based the servitor white.  Flesh Nurgle Rot, suit Evil Sunz Scarlet, metal Leadbelcher, vial Goblin Green with a dot highlight of Scorpion Green, metal washed with Army Painter Dark Tone and flesh washed with Army Painter Soft Tone.

Looking to avoid putting down multiple layers of red and yellow.  Based multi-melta Army Painter Mat White.  Metal bits drybrushed Leadbelcher.

Chassis Evil Sunz Scarlet. 

Barrel Flash Gitz Yellow.  I've figured out an extremely easy way to paint spiritstones.  I've been slowly developing a post "10 Ways to Paint Spiristones".  Thought of this method when I was painting a commission several months ago.  Hit me like a ton of bricks.  Haven't had a chance to do it and wow it is smooth and extremely simple.  Don't worry the method will be the post.  Just need to paint some Eldar to take pictures of the other five ways.

Army Painter Mat Black with Flash Gitz Yellow for chapter symbol.  This model is for my most esteemed Tallarn.

Army Painter Mat White and Black for Omnissiah symbol.

Took this pic to get an idea of what the symbols would look like through the canopy.  Then noticed something.

Another symbol on his left knee.  Had to paint it because of Tallarn.

Then noticed symbol on his chest.  Also painted.

Eyes based Blazing Orange.  First highlight thin layer of Flash Gitz Yellow.  Second highlight another layer of Flash Gitz but closer to the bottom of the eye.  Then Vallejo Model Colour Ghost Grey (thanks, Mordian7th) for the bright stop on the lens.  Blazing Orange line highlight on armour.

Trying a new style of line highlighting.  So far I'm liking it.  Hope it will end up looking more realistic and not as cartoony.  I Love me some Robotech.

Here's a little funny story.  Other day stopped by Subway to purchase one of those meatball subs for supper.  Turns out card is declined.  Guy offered for me to swipe the card a fourth time.  Told him 'Don't bother.  If my card is declined not being able to buy subway is the least of my worries.'  Checked the balance and had 0.03 cents in my account.  Three bloody cents away from getting an overdraft fee.  So I'm pretty money tight right now.  It'll be a while before I can start shelling out hundreds of dollars.  Thought some of you might find the story funny, can relate or understand.

slainte mhath


  1. Nice work! Steady as she goes. I've been there with the money deal. I think there was whole year after school where I lived off 99 cent noodles, reused tea bags and bridged the gap with toast and butter. I had to put the plastic away and give myself a weekly cash budget so that I knew exactly how much I had to deal with. Stay strong dude :)

    1. Deeply appreciate the support, Zab.


  2. That new line highlighting is excellent, the details on the techmarine are much appreciated. Have fun with this one!

    1. Was worried about you liking the new line highlighting. You're welcome. Thanks for making the header for this blog.

      With you're permission I'd like to clean up the red Xs on the wings.

  3. really liking the StormRaven, Black has always been a difficult color for me to paint. Always comes off looking very plain.

    As to the checkcard comment- been there, more times than I'd like to admit!

    1. Thanks. I have the same problem with black. Haven't learned how to use greys to give it depth.

      Thanks for the empathy. Of course it is my doing. Has nothing to do with karma. After months of unemployment then actually being without money for a couple of weeks it really hit me hard.


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