Sunday, September 21, 2014

Death Company Stormraven part 3

Had some fun with this guy Tues night.

Talked with Tallarn about cleaning up the Xs so the edges are more crisp.  He gave me the OK and mentioned a couple of other ideas about the red X on the wings.

JJ painting,

Looks like my compressors PSI is too high for up close work.  Will have to play around with it.

Something learned for next time.

Remembering something Tallarn typed.  He mentioned something about dark red in the middle of the X.  Decided to give it a go.  Good practice airbrushing at close range, controlling the needle and making a straight line.  There's a pic below where you can see the difference between the reds.

At this point I'm done with the model.  Decided to start looking around to see where I can add more detail.  Highlighted the barrels of the twin-linked multi-melta.

Continuing my stretching of looking for more detail to put in this model.  Decided to have some fun with the aquila on the nose.  Mixed it up with some Blood Angel colours and my usual gold.

Next time you see this guy he'll be finished.  Actually by the time this post lands he'll be done.

slainte mhath


  1. I'm liking the dark red within the X stripes. Really adds some interest!

    1. The stripes look better in person. Must be something with the lights that drowns them out. Agreed, it does add something to the model.


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