Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to Paint Tank Treads Super Easy a.k.a. Dang it, he's right!

This is something 40k buddy Lane mentioned several weeks ago.  We chatted about it briefly and it has been bouncing around in my head for sometime now.

JJ typing, specifically Lane mentioned to paint the treads while still on the sprue.  Asked him about the sprue scar that occurs when you cut it off the sprue.  He said the way the tread is put into the model it is covered up.  While assembling these tanks for Mike it occurred to me how to cover up the sprue scar.

Tools used:

Large drybrush, any large brush
Black paint
Silver paint

Don't cut the treads out.

Spray painted black.

Drybrushed silver.

Army Painter Mat Black for rubber pads on treads.

As you can probably see the three sprue scars.  Normally these would be cleaned with a modeling knife and painted.  Originally my idea was to hit the sides of the treads with silver paint to cover up the sprue scar.  Decided to put it on the model with out paint to see if it was noticeable.

Holy bananas, Batman.  Lane was right.  You can barely notice it.  It is one of those things that if you know what you're looking for you might see it.  Otherwise it looks like the rest of the model.

Here are other pics for the discerning eye.

slainte mhath


  1. Wow. Great example. The photos really showcase what was hard to imagine in your head. Definitely works for the tread types that lock down on the top (probably the chimera style hulls as well). Don't know if it works as well on the rhinos, as they have the open tracks on the bottom. (of course who is looking at the bottom anyway!)

    1. Thanks, Greg. Right with you on the photos. Couldn't visualize either til it was done. Chimeras also benefit from this. Didn't think about rhinos. Same for them and land raiders, at least on top, like you said.

  2. Keep me around for a reason, don't know what that reason is just yet. "Holy bananas, Batman. Lane was right" made my day -LT

    1. Glad it made your day, buddy. Thanks for the tip on the treads.


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