Friday, September 19, 2014

Reverse Washing, Video Tutorial

Here's a video I've been meaning to make, had to get a camera first.  Finally had the opportunity.  Enjoy.

JJ posting,

slainte mhath


  1. Very nice! I had no idea this was actually a technique! I do this all the time because I'm sloppy with my wash applications.

    Some other things you can do with this...

    If its a larger flat surface, you can use a paper towel and "drag" it very lightly over hte surface. This will grab some of the excess wash at the surface level, but leave it in the little divets and scratches, as well as causing a "streaking" effect.

    With some of the washes, especially the bright ones, you can use reverse washing to "stain" a particular level quickly. How long you leave the wash on, will determine how much it is stained. So you can apply the same wash to different areas, then pull the excess off at different time frames. I use that particular method for rocks.

    1. Thanks. Saw Bexley do it some two years ago at FF. He originally did it with paper towels after a mistake. Looked at the result and thought it was great. It was very confusing to see the first time. Paint being taken from a model and dabbed on a paper towel.

      Started using paper towels to clean up excess superglue. Works like a charm.

      Great idea with staining. Really like that. Will give it a go hopefully soon.


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