Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Eldar Army That Needs a Lot of Love part 6 - 192 mins remain

Didn't put nearly as much time at the table as I wanted to last night.

Looks like metal picked up cancercasts frailties while being stored in the same baggie together.

JJ painting, this is an Eldar army commission for Bryan.

Tried to sort these by molds.  Somehow convinced myself the two single columns are rangers from different molds.  hmmm

Spray paint didn't work as intended on some models which really started to get to me with this set.

It was this model that started to give me some hope.  Here is the twentieth model to be done in an hour.  Need to maintain that pace to completely pain the army's weapons in the amount of hours remaining.

Then these guys happened.  Weapons painted in 37 mins.  Giving me 23 mins to paint other models weapons.  No need to call it quits now since the second hour hasn't elapsed.

An additional ten and...

these three and the 120 mins at the table is up.  Need to get my butt to the rent paying gig.

Averaged 2.22 mins per model and finished another 53.  324 mins remain.  Looking at all the pics and counting again, appears my first count of the army was off by more than a little bit.  Instead of 168 the total count is 137.  Leaving 64 models weapons to paint.  Painted more than half, 73, in about 3.5 hours.  New estimate is 3.2 hours.  Completely doable.  As soon as I get home get right to that table and paint til they are done.  Considering I was able to paint 53 models weapons in 2 hours, wouldn't be too surprised if the 64 took about two and half hours.  Fall asleep about 2pm.  Wake up at 8pm start the next commission.  Paint a test model and send pics to the client for feedback.  Then tackle the VSG more.  Start getting myself ready for Mon at 10pm.  Lots of things going on Mon.

slainte mhath


  1. Cheesus, I couldn't do that many models in only two hours XD
    Is this just three colours for table standard, or full blown display level?

    1. It was a struggle to paint as little of the weapons as I did. Used to putting a lot more effort into painting weapons. This commission has certainly taught me a lot about speed painting and hoping to have a decent model when they are done.

      This is a three colour minimum. Per the instructions: Three colour minimum, quick and easy. Haven't cropped the pics from tonights work so there won't be a post tomorrow.

  2. Wow...that is an absurd speed! Sure your real name isn't Mordain? :)

    1. hehe, if there were more detail on the models with that speed I'd say it is pretty cool. Perhaps someday.


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