Tuesday, November 11, 2014

IG Epic 40k Vahallan Troops

Just like G Mort I've received a comment asking about my lack of posts.  Thanks, G Mort.  Great post by the way.

Greg, this picture is just for you.

JJ painting/blogging, it has been a while, folks.  This is an Imperial Guard Epic 40k commission  for Brad. Was surprised as the next blogger when someone who doesn't like this site and doesn't want to visit it mentioned there hasn't been a post in ten days.  My question: Why bother visiting?

Also had a very dear and close friend of mine say I haven't posted in a week.  Sounded genuinely concerned.

I Love this blog.  We've built something great with our sandbox.  Been meaning to mix up this blog for awhile.  Reached out to Talk Wargaming about a series of posts.  Unfortunately that isn't going as fast as I like.  Will have to contact Lee again.  I've been painting, not as much as I'd like.  Closed up the Death Company Stormraven and IG Vahallan troops, with a lot of other painting in between.  Think I'm going to start mixing up our posts.  Been awhile since played a game of 40k.  Was supposed to last Thurs as a make up game from the previous weeks Tues.  However Ayce00 was sick and couldn't make it.  Really want some BatReps and Rules of the Games to come back to our blog.  Going to do article Fridays.  Several months ago posted a couple of articles on Fridays and received an overwhelming amount of comments on those posts.  Something I'd like to develop more for our sandbox.

Have several Friday article posts tumbling around in my thoughts.  Random stuff and a five part Commission series of posts.  Please look forward to the first, and I hope a long series of article posts, this Friday labeled "An Escape."  The post is specifically about me and my lack of painting.  Sort of an eye opener at least from my end.

Our sandbox has been dry too long and I sincerely apologize for not posting, as my friend Bryan says, for my legion of followers.  Spent too long making daily posts and not making them shows a deviation of character.  One which should not continue to stand.  I'm turning that around today.  We'll find out how this turns out after day 9.  More on that later.

slainte mhath

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