Sunday, November 30, 2014

Third Verse Same as the First Dire Avengers part 1

Looks like this post wasn't ready.  That's what I get for doing other stuff on Friday.

Shawn wants his Dire Avengers squads to have different types of gear.

JJ painting, this is an Eldar Dire Avengers commission for Shawn.

After a base coat of Army Painter Mat Black made into airbrush form it was time to do hit all the models with a 25 degree down highlight of Caledor Sky also made into airbrush form.

Then a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone.

Close up.

While waiting for the wash to dry did the hair.  Left hair is drybrushed with Ice Blue.

slainte mhath


  1. Mold Line?! ah well, I don't think many will consistanly remove all mold lines :P

    Looking great so far :D

    1. Narric, long time no chat. How have you been?

      Yeah, I know. Good to mention it. Seriously thanks.

      Shawn has his boys put together his models. It is one of several things I tend to let slide when painting his models. There are actually two ripped off finger prints on the backs of these models. The superglue was used quite liberally in some places around the back of the arms on a few. When I hand these back to Shawn I'll remind him that I don't charge to assemble models.

  2. Like the blues here. Do you make cutouts for the airbrush work on the hair, or just do your best to keep it from bleeding over?

    1. Thanks. Previous unit had a darker blue. To make them different went with lighter.

      Actually drybrush pulling away from the helmet to avoid putting paint where it shouldn't be.

    2. Oh! I thought you had been airbrushing them. My bad! Looking forward to them regardless!

    3. Makes sense, considering all the airbrushing. Would like to get my airbrushing skills so I wouldn't have to drybrush them.


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