Friday, November 14, 2014

Wolf Lord Rising

The Master of the Darkenvault, Nate here back with a post after too long. Finally, finally I have finished a model. Too many projects remains the name of the game for me. In truth this has been done a few weeks now but has been the only personal project finished in forever.

Here we have him, the big man, Wolf Lord Erik Morkai.

With terrain construction dominating all non-work time for weeks now preparing for the Renegade Open I've been getting nothing personal done.

A small amount of time had been going into my thunder wolves, and a construction project for a friend of mine. 

This will be a machanicus tank for his inquisition forces serving as a shadow sword.

Photos of my terrain efforts will make its way on here soon. Before then here's a sample of the volume I've been working with.


  1. Sweet looking wolf lord. Love the use of chain axes; I've used those on terminators to represent Frost Axes. That knee pad is insane. :)

  2. Wicked awesome stuff! That lord is bad ass!

  3. Beautifully done on the space wolf! Loving that mechanicus baneblade as well - great build!


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