Sunday, March 1, 2015

Product Comparison Games Workshop Imperial Knight vs Dreamforge Crusader

Long time no post, I've missed you.

JJ posting, sorry for lack of posts.  Working through some things.  Its affecting me on several levels.

slainte mhath


  1. This really isn't a product comparison. This is a comparison of the respected models ability to move it's arms. I see the Imperial Knight as a work of art, whereas the Crusader is a rather bland and boring utilitarian design. Both have their place, but in regards to aesthetics the Crusader cannot hold a candle to the Knight.

    1. Welcome to H2Lat40k, Eric. No argument that the knight is a beautiful model, and the crusader is rather flat. Can't help comparing the two designs of the model and thinking GW dropped the ball without a worry. Thanks for challenging me to think about the post. Now my head is a buzz.

  2. A query from one of my friends whom I linked this to asked:
    "How well does all that mobility work when its painted? Not defending the knight, but I can't imagine its as mobile once painted."

    1. Narric, your friend asked a great question. Pretty well, just need a little action here and there.

      Knight: Regarding the heavy stubber and shield on the body, after painting each colour you'll need to move those parts around so multiple layers of paint won't clog everything up. Arms are so loosely attached it'll take a lot of mucked paint to affect it. Though if you know what you're doing with super glue, or green stuff, you can make it quite articulate. Its not designed that way.

      Crusader: Same as knight. You'll need to be a little more careful and plan ahead. Thin your paints and paint. Test each point of articulation after each layer. It is absolutely possible.

      All the above being said I'd like to add you'll need some experience with making moving parts on models to pull it off. Don't have to be an expert or know a lot. You'll just need a couple of mistakes under your belt to know what you're doing. As my brother Bryan knows, learning is painful. It is the only way we learn. If you haven't worked with making moving parts on a model before you most likely won't get the result you desire.

      Weird, originally thought the friend's question was about the knight not the crusader. Then occurred to me probably asking about the crusader.

  3. Replies
    1. Mark, you're quite welcome. You deserve it. The crusader and leviathan designs are far superiour to the imperial knight titan design.

      Please keep it up so I can make another of these videos further extolling the virtues of your design.


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