Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Eldar Army That Needs a Lot of Love part 1

Here's an army from my brother Bryan.

The box of eldar minus a few boxes of wraithguard and foregworld avatar.

JJ assembling, this is an Eldar army commission for Bryan.  He picked up these guys from a trade.  Planned on using them as a ghost army, however his plans have changed.  He came up with this plan for me to assemble and paint them and he sells them and split the cash 50/50.  Not a bad idea.

Have to admit these have been at my place for sometime.  Good news is that he moved into the apartment above me, which is awesome.  Like having a roommate without having a roommate.  It has been quite difficult to dive into this project.  Several models are broken and in poor condition.  Finally broke through and started to make a dent in assembling before giving them a genuine three colour treatment.  Bryan's idea is simple three colours, that's it, and really basic and sell them.  Like it.  Plan to have black as the basecoat then blue zenithal lighting and white weapons.  That's it, no other colours.

Man I feel sorry for this guy.



Farseer and metal wraithguard

Fire dragons

Guardians and other eldar

Rangers and warlocks.




Banshees and harlequins

More metal wraithguard



Several fire prisms and falcons.

Bryan mentioned several of the models are pretty bad and will need pinning.  He added that he couldn't pin to save his life.  This bit broke off from Howling Banshee Exarch.  Look at that?  No breaks at all.  Clean drilling.

Here they are slowly taking over the table.  Usually I'd paint them squad by squad, considering the paint scheme this made more sense.

Various weapons that haven't found a home yet.

Poor wraithknight.  Those warwalkers were really difficult to put back together.  Used up quite a bit of my superglue.

Saving the sprues for myself later.  Sort of a reward after repairing the damaged models.

Few more bags to go through before I'll have an idea what I'm looking at.

slainte mhath


  1. I'm no commission artist (other then painting models to pay for physical trainer sessions), but I don't think this is a fair deal at all to you. I'd say 15-20% commission (to him, you keep the rest), might be a bit closer. Cleaning up cruddy models, pinning and repairing them, priming them, painting them, packing them...that's a lot of time AND money you put into the army. (money in terms of primer, paint, cleaning, magnets etc).

    50/50 deal and I all have to do is buy the initial purchase and sell it? That's a crazy win. I'll take that deal all day long. That's like 30 minutes of work compared to dozens of hours.

    1. You paint models to pay for PT? What a wonderful idea. Kudos, seriously that is a great idea.

      He'll be putting the models up for auction and packing them. Only thing I'm doing is assembling/repairing and super basic painting. White is the only colour I'll be providing, he handed me spray cans of black and blue. Think it'll work out. Will let you know.

      Appreciate your concern, Greg. How have you been?

    2. I'm great! Back from LVO, now prepping for adepticon already. About to get hit with another winter storm, so just prepping posts and getting ready for a day of gaming!

      My trainer plays 40k, but doesn't like to paint, so I paint him necrons in exchange for sessions. Works out great. I originally paid him in sushi, but he can eat like 3k calories in a meal...the mini's are cheaper!

      I hear you on the packing/selling...i still think 50/50 is a really good deal for your buddy. :) I don't know how fast you are compared to me, but I still think the time element is pretty off between the two functions in the partnership.

    3. Would love to attend LVO and Adepticon. Perhaps Adepticon next year. Here in MN we've had a very mild snowy season, cold on the other hand.

      3k in sushi, damn that sounds like a delicious amount of sushi. Think I could put that much down. Agreed, minis sound cheaper.

      We'll find out in a little bit how it all turns out. With on the time element.

    4. Aye...I think his normal fee is 150 an hour, so buying him sushi dinner was pretty much on par with his standard fee! So far I've painted 10 immortals, a necron command barge (annihilation barge), 3 wraiths, 10 scarabs, immotek, a night scythe, and a metal lord for him.

    5. 150$ of sushi, damn! Think I can put down about 125, here in Minneapolis. Love me some sushi. Think I might be purchasing some annihilation barges soon. That is a good haul of Necrons. Did you post pics on your site?

    6. There are some in the sub menus!


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