Wednesday, May 27, 2015

If I Ever Assemble Another Wraithguard Again it'll be Too Soon a.k.a. The Eldar Army That Needs a Lot of Love part 4

Telling you assembling these wraithguard is killing me softly with their song.

Looks like I missed a bit.

JJ assembling and painting, this an Eldar army commission for Bryan.

My rent paying gig has afforded me a lot of possibilities.  One of them having the opportunity to assemble models at work.

Found were that bulb came from.  Apparently broke it off the top of Orikan's spine.  Go finecast!

Forgot the little horizontal blade on the d-scythes.  Cut them off the sprue and glued them on.  Much better.

Also assembled this guy at work.  Didn't want to take pics of the work desk in case of something bad.

Now for the model I did not want to do.  Bryan said not to clean it up and just assemble it.  This is a re-cast he purchased for 5$ on the internet.  I thought FW was bad.  Damn this is a shitty re-cast.

Stem for the mane went somewhere.  Neither of us ever saw it.  Did do a little cleaning.

Little pinning and it works pretty good.

Never noticed that there's a notch in the mane when it sits on top of the crown.  Little superglue here and there and it is quite solid.  Quite impressive to say the least.  First time I put together an Eldar FW avatar.

This was the first sign that told me not to touch this model and for it to be sold in the ziplock bag it came in.  When he handed me this model I pulled the sword out and attempted to fix the warpping.  Sword snap in half in my hands.  I was sad.  Then noticed there was a bubble in the re-cast at the part where it snapped.  Go capitalism!

Was going to use some plasticard on both sides of the blade to put it together.  Then noticed the bubble provide a great anchor for a pin.  Little bit of drilling later and pin was easily installed.

This forearm is pinned to the upper arm.  While pressing the two half of the arms together the handle of the sword snapped off.  Great stuff!  Fucking re-casts.

Threw a pin that sword handle it was attached.  Then threw a pin in the other arm.

As of right now this re-cast has four pins in it.

Now it has six pins.  Put a pin in the neck.

Also put a pin in the abdomen.  Only thing not pinned on this guy is the loin clothe.

After some Armoury Black Primer basing then used some zenithal spray of Arm Painter Blue in attempt to give it a black/blue look.  This is the requested scheme.

Can see some of the black here.

slainte mhath


  1. Wow @ the FW avatar. I wouldn't even know where to begin cleaning up a model like that. I've ended up with some pretty shotty recasts before thanks to ebay. If the model is super cheap...guess what! You're gonna have a hard time!

    1. Yeah, you can see the pour cast and terrible flash all over it. We're in the same boat regarding where to start cleaning it. Didn't want to touch it at all. It only has one completely formed finger on the right hand. All the other digits are missing.


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