Friday, August 7, 2015

Imperial Guard Feedback

This is my favourite part of a commission.  Learning the customer's eye.  Completely admit this should've caught my attention.

JJ painting, this is an Imperial Guard Astra Militarum commission for Matt.

After a couple of pics sent to Matt he mentioned he'd like the underside lip of the shoulder pad painted.  Man I felt more than a little foolish.  Said that wouldn't be a problem and painted them up.  Looks much better.

Also he wasn't a fan of the light tan backpacks and wanted them to be some sort of camo.

Utilizing something I learned from a previous client and people I consult about my commission work.  People Love choices even if they always choose the same thing.  Painted the backpacks with two different bases and asked which one Matt likes.  He chose the lighter grey which matches the uniform.

Another thing mentioned is that the brown wasn't solid enough.  There was some parts that looked thin and can see the red underneath.  Matt has an excellent eye.  Repainted all shoulder pads for better coverage.

slainte mhath


  1. I preferred the light tan backpacks personally. But Matt is the one who ultimately gets to vote on preference.

    Good job!

    1. Completely agree, Matt is the one who's going to be using them for many years.


    2. I'm slowly collecting Star Wars things from FFG.
      When the day comes for Imperial Assault miniatures, or perhaps a repaint of X-Wing models, I'll be putting in a commission at Silver Gargoyle.

      I like your work....

      ...and I hate painting

    3. Thank you, Xander. I love X-Wing. Have an entire Imperial flight. Have reworked some b-wings and almost all of my Imperial fighters.

      Look forward to working with you, Xander.


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