Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Team part 1

Here's another chunk of the IG commission.  Almost damn fun unit if you ask me.

JJ assembling, this is an Imperial Guard Astra Militarum commission for Matt.

Sometimes things happen during shipping.

Any had this boss?  Your physical condition doesn't matter.  Besides your body groaning all you hear is the boss yelling and chewing you out.

So shipping shit happens.  Nothing some pinning can fix.  I LOVE pinning.

Pegged this girl and she's ready to go.  Pegged her twice in one go.  Oh, yeah!

Yeah better!  Yet there's something wrong.  Can you see it in this pic before viewing the next?  No cheating.

This went completely unnoticed.  Some how this guy's arm broke off and was hanging on the base since I pulled it from the box.  When it caught my attention didn't blame myself because they are based the same grey shade.

Almost made a huge booboo here.  When reassembling the broken-in-shipping-lascannon heavy weapon team I put the shield on in the wrong direction.  The wreath was pointing out, not the skull with wings like the left.  Love Matt, he wants uniformity across his IG.  This would eventually be noticed and had to correct.  Fortunately used superglue not plastic glue.  With the right tool and a couple of twists using my knowledge the shield snapped off without damage to any part.

Much better!

slainte mhath


  1. Well rescued sir!
    Many would just send it back and get a replacement but your ingenuity and "can do" attitude have rescued these poor models from a fate best not contemplated.

    The insensitive boss barking at the clearly suffering mortar crew made me laugh.

    1. Damn funny, Xander. Was up for far too long and enjoying beers. The commentary over this and next several posts is quite animated.

  2. Enjoying what you do definitely makes the task of revitalizing models that much easier!


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