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12.6.8 2k Necrons vs Chaos Daemons (a.k.a Holy Fun!)

Have to say this was possibly the most fun I ever had in a 40k game.  You know those moments in games when you're expecting it to happen and it doesn't.  Well this was one of those games.  Regardless of the outcome this was a damn fun game.  I was excited for the rest of the night.  Wow, what a game!

Skarbrand having a pow-wow with Bloodletters and Canoptek Wraiths

After catching the first showing of Prometheus with Bryan we decided to do some 40k before our Friday night Warhammer Fantasy RPG game.

Wore one of my VNV Nation work shirts and Utilikilt Mocker today.

Even writing this now I'm still extremely happy.  What a fun game!  Enjoying some 10 year Ardbeg while composing a great BatRep.  May I convey the joy I had during this game.  If you sense it then I've been a successful blogger.

We arrived at Fantasy Flight and no one was at the tables.  We arrived around 4:15pm.  They open at 4pm.  FF staff was still there talking amongst themselves.  The retail side was already busy as bees.  The production staff were all hanging out upstairs discussing something.  We had our choice of tables.  Set up terrain together and started our rolling.  Switched up my Necron list.  Heavy Destroyers are proxy for Canoptek Spyders.  Pariahs are proxy for Crypteks.

Mission: Capture and Control.  5 Objectives.  Deployment: Dawn of War.  I won roll.  Decided to deploy and go first.  (After thinking about it I should've decided to deploy second go second.  Will be going second against daemons from now on when using Necrons.)  2nd ed Rad counters from Dark Millennium boxset are objectives.

Our avenue of massacre this afternoon.

Necrons deploy.  Orikan is with 5 Necron Warriors along with one Harbinger of Transmorgrification and Eternity.  In far corner 5 Necron Warriors are deployed with other Harbinger of Transmorgrification.

Bryan decided to attempt seize initiative.  He succeeds.  This is not what I'm expecting.  If you don't roll with the blows you're going to get pummeled.  And, damn I was going to get pummeled.  Lessons are learned from pain.  There's a lot of pain for me to learn from in this game.  It's not all bad.  Definitely not pretty either.  Enjoy!

Top of first.  Bryan gets the preferred group of daemons.  Down arrive two full squads of Bloodletters, one squad of Bloodcrushers, one daemon Prince and Skarbrand.  Couple of scatters from deep strike put both Bryan and I on edge but no mishaps on the deep strike table.  Bryan does pull something unexpected.  All of his deep striking is on my left flank.  There are five Necron Warriors and one Transmorgrification Cryptek there.  I've already decided where my Necrons will come on.  I don't react to his deployment.  Surprised because this feeds right to what I'm going to do with that flank.  Not surprised because the pain hasn't happened yet.

Bottom of first.  Necrons move onto the field.  One slight change with deployment.  Monolith was going to come on in middle of board.  This allows it provide range support to both left and right flank.  Decided to move Monolith on between the table edge and the far wall with difficult terrain/cover behind it.  This allows me to move the Monolith forward a bit and at an angle thus restricting daemons, inevitable access, to my right flank.  Wraiths and Destroyers appear on the left flank where I planned on them appear.  Which is terribly convenient because a daemon prince is less than 18" from the table edge.  Bloodcrushers are also there.  Rapid Fire warriors and Gauss Cannons reduce Bloodcrushers to 1 model.  Wraiths rip the prince apart before it can do anything.  Thank you, whip coils.

Top of second. a.k.a let the pain begin.  /sigh  Skarbrand continues to having fun with the Wraiths.  Not before most of the Bloodletters and all of the Bloodcrushers are killed.  Skarbrand has terrible luck in this battle.  Everytime he's been called to make a save he's rolled a one.  From the Monolith and single wound from Wraith.  Skarbrand now sits with two wounds.  More Bloodletters arrive along with second squad of Bloodcrushers and Blood Thirster.  This is going to get fun.  At this point I tell Bryan the objective he has 20 Bloodletters on behind the wall is his.  I will give it to him.  He can have it.  He can even put his name on it.  I literally say that.  Three fellow gamers complimented the paint job on my Necrons.  Definitely going to start painting and selling models.

H2H (hand-to-hand) top of second.  Skarbrand will soon remove these Wraiths.

Bottom of second.  I forget Imotekh's lightning this shooting phase.  grrrr.   I move up my Necron Warriors for rapid fire.  Also foolishly move Destroyers closer.  If I left them where they were at the would not have suffered their fate.  Next time will have to keep them back further so they can survive a little long.  Spyders generate Scarabs.  Something I'm going to make a rules post about.  10 Scarabs is now 16 strong.  Skarbrand and a lone Wraith remain from the H2H (hand-to-hand) started in bottom of first.  I bought a box of new Wraiths couple of weeks ago.  Going to buy another box soon.  Those Wraiths are awesome.  Have a new army list for my Necrons.  Now to decide what to cut.  Perhaps Imotekh....

Top of third.  Yep that is what I get for not holding my Destroyers at the table edge.  Left flank collapses under the focused daemon assault.  I now I have one troop squad to capture an objective.  I remember Natfka's line from an email "not enough scoring units."  Last Bloodletter pack arrives along with last daemon prince.  Now I have to brace for the oncoming fun.  Was hoping my Wraiths would make quick work of a couple of daemon princes and destroyers would soften up anything for the wraiths.  They would be effectively working together.  Much like two raiders and razorwing in my Dark Eldar army.

Bottom of third.  Spyders generate more scarabs.  C'Tan moves with scarabs to face the oncoming onslaught.  Something I've learned is to have C'Tan assist the scarabs.  Warriors, Crypteks and HQ's move back to fill up space not allowing winged daemons a place to jump to.  Monolith moves, like Battlestar Galactica, to provide cover for the right flank.  Effectively the daemons will have to go through it to get to the squishy delicious tenderness inside.  Imotekh does get some lightning off this turn.  It just occurred to me.  In games against daemons I shouldn't use Imotekh.  His Lord of storm ability doesn't hinder them at all.  Silly!  dur.  Ok.  Now how do I get a fourth Fast Attack slot?  Go back to 2nd ed or wait til 6th?  hmm.  Perhaps swap Imotekh out for some Telsa Carbine wielding Immortals?  As many of us do.  During a game we are making changes to our list.  How to make it more effective for next time.

Top of fourth.  Looks like there's a storm front coming.  I actually said that to Bryan.  He looked around wondering what I was referring to.  I then pointed to the table.  He laughed.  He's pulling out all the stops.  Bringing in Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers.  Really he just needs Skarbrand, daemon prince and Blood Thirster to crush the rest of my army.  At this point I teach Bryan more about the game.  He's been playing for about 6 months.  I tell him in objective games the farther away you're away from an objective the more you win.  For some reason he's not buying it.  Not sure why.

Bottom of fourth.  Spyders generate more scarabs.  C'Tan is right behind scarabs to provide support for the oncoming storm.  Monolith moves out and sideways attempting to take up as much space as possible.  Just like Battlestar Galatica at Ragnar Anchorage in the mini-series allowing the rest of the ships to FTL away.  As Bryan expected we didn't finish our game in 2h hours for Fri nights RPG.  Joe arrives.  He says its ok.  He has some stuff to set up for the game.  Skarbrands bad luck continues.  Monolith's Particle Whip hits him and Bryan rolls a one again.  All four saves failed, every roll resulted in a 1.  Damn.  Skarbrand couldn't make a save to save his life.  Get it?

Top of fifth.  Blood Thirster and daemon prince move up to Monolith and they easily tear it down.  Bryan uses a dice rolling technique I taught him for Monstrous creatures AP against vehicles.  Aww, my little boy is growing up. /wipes tear from eye  Explosion takes out some scarabs as well.  Mini-rulebook acts as crater.

Bottom of fifth.  Sypders generate more scarabs.  Time to die.  No lightning even with re-roll.  With Cryptek of Eternity I attempt a re-roll of lightning on the Blood Thirster to give myself some hope.  Nope, no hope.  Move 5 warriors with Crypteks, Orikan and Imotekh onto objective.  Scarabs and C'Tan assault Daemon Prince and Blood Thirster.  Something happens though.  The two combat monsters of Khorne only remove 7 bases.  /sigh Time for Scarabs and C'Tan to attack back.  I've seen this show before.  Hell I bought the double-dragon-blu-ray edition.  I own the Tues "immediate gratification" dvd.  6 months later I bought the "directors cut."  6 months after that I bought the extended version with two additional discs.  Yeah, I continue to buy the same stupid dvd with the same lame features I've already seen knowing I won't see anything new.  Yet expecting something different.  Well folks for those who have done the math-hammer and know foreshadowing.  I did get something different.  Bryan and I calculate the number of attacks the scarabs will do to the two khorne wings of death.  145!  I only have 48 dice.  I opt to move dice rolling to an adjacent table.  Bryan follows me.  After the first round or rolling I remember the C'Tan goes first.  I say F it!, and continue with the next 97 rolls.  So what is the result?  Check this is out.   Rolled 145 dice to hit. (thank goodness Skarbrand wasn't around to let me re-roll)  Rolled 58 dice to wound.  Leaving 8 saves for Blood Thirster and 7 for Daemon Prince.  Bryan rolls his saves.  Both Blood Thirster and Daemon Prince after pulled to the ground and torn to pieces by scarabs!  WOW!  Was I a happy little camper!  I jumped throwing my fists into the air celebrating that my scarab tactic finally did what it was designed to do.  Finally!  I consolidate and move the scarabs ready to take on the Bloodcrushers and Bloodletters coming at me next turn.  This is meant to stop them from moving into my right flank contesting my objective.

Unpictured.  At this point Bryan suggests we wrap up the game and join Joe for our Warhammer Fantasy game.  Enthusiastically I tell Bryan Joe will understand it won't take long.  Bryan reluctantly agrees.  He rolls to see if the game continues 4.  Yay!  He moves his Bloodcrushers and Bloodletters back!  Khorne would be upset with Bryan for pulling back.  I don't blame him.  He has 5++ saves and about 25 scarab bases to contend with.  Bryan then does something cool.  He says that the scarabs will continue to the Bloodletters holding the single objective in the next turn.  If the dice allows for a turn seven I will win.  If not tie.  Sounds fair to me.  He rolls the dice 3.  Tie.

1-1 Necron vs Chaos Daemons.

Bloodletters objective

Necron Warrior, blurry, objective.

What an awesome game!  Thank you, Bryan.  I thought he had me against the ropes when he eliminated my left flank.  I've tried game after game of creating scarabs with spyders only for it to result in nothing to have any hope that it will actually work.  Yet it did.  Guess 145 attacks with 5+ to hit will do that to someone.  Definitely going with three Heavy Supports of Canoptek Sypders.  Or perhaps more if Force Organization chart is thrown out in 6th.  Been doing the math on that for awhile.  If I have nine spyders and 10 scarabs.  First turn 19.  Second 28.  Third 37.  Fourth 46 scarabs.  All the while moving towards my enemy line, hello Imperial Guard armour list.  After second turn I would have a 3+ cover save to any shooting.  Anything foolish to H2H it would be quickly reduced to the sum of its parts.  I won't face an Imperial Guard list until I have all the models, made scarabs and painted them.  That's going to be fun.

slainte mhath

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