Tuesday, June 12, 2012

40k 5th ed Lexicon v1.5

Lexicon Tuesday.  There's great deal of information about 40k all over the web.  Many of them use short hand to communicate their message.  I'm compiling a lexicon to help me decipher what they mean.  Warseer is great that it has the terms linked to what they can mean.  I endeavour to copy their method in the future.  In the mean time I hope you learn as much as I do if not more.

slainte mhath

++: Invulernable Save
AP: Armour Penetration.  If weapons AP is less than Sv target cannot roll Save.   
ATSKNF: and They Shall Know No Fear
BatRep: Battle Report.  Results of a game.
BotBG: Blessing of the Blood God, Khorne Gift
CC: Close Combat
CCW: Close Combat Weapon
CD: Chaos Daemons
d6: Roll 1 six sided dice.
2d6: Roll 2 six sided dice
DE: Dark Eldar
DK: Dreadknight, Grey Knights
DH: Daemon Hunters.  3rd ed Codex consisting of Sisters of Battle and Inquisitors.
DoA: Descent of Angels.  Ability of Blood Angels re-roll failed deep strike and scatter d6 instead of 2d6
DS: Deep Strike
DW: Draigowing, a Grey Knight army list
EL: Eldar
EML: Eldar Missile Launcher (p104 40k 5th)
(F)LGS: (Favourite) Local Gaming Store.  The place where your wallet goes to die.
GEQ: Guard Equivalent: Lots of 5+ or worse saves (low stats)
GK: Grey Knights
GKSS: Grey Knights Strike Squad
KP: Kill Points.  One of three missions in the game.
Math-hammer:  Statistics people use to determine the result of dice rolled one unit vs another. q.v.  http://www.heresy-online.net/combatcalculator/shooting.php (warning ESET anti-virus says something about the site having a Trojan and disables that tab, I use Firefox)
MEQ: Marine Equivalent: 3+ save (high stats)
MSU: Multiple Small Units.  Elites, Troops, Fast Attack in squads less than 10.  Designed to spam the field and provide target saturation.  Target saturation is providing a tremendous amount of units for your opponent to shoot at.
NDK: Nemesis Dread Knight
Psyrifle Dread (Psyflemen dreads):  Grey Knights Dreadnought with Psy-ammunition on Autocannons.
RAW: Rules as written.
Sv: Save, have to roll equal to or greater than number to avoid being wounded.
That Guy: A gamer who is a rules-lawyer-*ssh#l@ and/or that is out to ruin other peoples fun.
TEQ: Terminator Equivalent: 2+ save (high stats)
TH/SS: Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield
VP: Victory Points.  Victory Points equals the cost of the squad.  i.e. Vect is killed opponent gets 240 VPs.
WIP: Work in Progress, stages a model goes through when being put together and painted.
WoC: Warriors of Chaos.

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