Friday, June 22, 2012

6.21 Canoptek Spyders (or damn you, dvd Tues!)

I've been dragging my feet on painting.  Amongst the welcoming arms of Morpheus for a couple of hours after work, spring humidity/temperature/allergies (my gaming buddies mentioned they were suffering from the same at last Fri roleplaying night) and wanting to do two projects at the same time.  There have also been several dvd releases lately.  Trueblood season 4 (finished today 6.16).  Breaking Bad season 4 (finished today 6.17, damn great show) and Burn Notice season 5.  All those things added together cuts into my painting time.  Which makes me upset.

So here are some pics of what I've done with my Necron Spyders.

Basecoat Jon Kovalic's Armoury Primer Black.  It provides a good flat black base.  Nothing shiny like Chaos Black/Abaddon Black.

Usually I wait til I have all the models I need for my army.  Then paint them together.  Since my Necron army has been using 6 Canoptek Spyders and doesn't appear to be losing them anytime soon decided to put them together and paint them.  Tired of proxying models as Spyders.

Outer panels painted Tin Bitz.

At first I pulled out my #2 brush and painted panels bit by bit.  Damn that was taking a while.  When I was at the carapace I pulled out my GW small drybrush brush.  Used that for the other three models and time was flying!  Of course next is Boltgun Metal which will involve some use of the same drybrush but used more judicially.  Will no doubt have to go over with Tin Bitz to clean up the parts that really wanted some Boltgun Metal.  After that will be two coats of Badab Black on Tin Bitz.  One coat of Badab Black on Boltgun Metal.

Boltgun Metal is complete.  Finally!  After 11 days of not painting.  Damn, those dvds and the seductive arms of Morpheus.

As mentioned earlier.  Badab Black wash over everything.  Boltgun gets one coat.  This really helps to mute the sparkles in the Tin Bitz.

Second wash of Badab Black over Tin Bitz only.  Not sure if I'm going to drybrush over the Boltgun Metal parts.  Tin Bitz is muted more.  Really like how it turns out.

slainte mhath

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