Thursday, June 21, 2012

It puts the paint on the model

Over a year ago I was paint my Noir Engel Space Marine army.  During this time I was buying Dark Eldar for my Dark Eldar list.  Really wanted to put detail into my dark angels.  Make them look as good as the GW pics if not better.  I remember telling someone when I was painting at Fantasy Flight I want my Dark Angels to challenge GW's.

This got me thinking about the detail we put into painting our miniatures.  Why do I put myself through angish wanting to paint detail in my models?  Is it because I'm looking for that high when someone says "Nice paint job!" or Oooo's and Ahhh's over my models.  Could it be something more selfish, I want to look down at barely painted models with a nose of snobbery while basking in my splendid paint job.  Become the Edward Hyde while maintaining the Dr Jekyll air of assistance.  Might even be that I'm working on my painting skills for the next part of my life "Project: Silver Gargoyle Productions."  Can't say for certain, hope it comes to me during one of my painting sessions.  I often have moments of clarity/enlightenment when putting paint from brush to model.

About detail.  When I was getting close to purchasing the last bit of my Dark Eldar so I can start putting them together I made short cuts on my Dark Angels.  Something I regret.  Then Dark Eldar had my attention from Sept '11 to May '12.  And, man I put A LOT of attention into my Dark Eldar.  Did some short cuts on Wyches.  Rest, damn!  Something must of stuck with me.  Now that I'm working on my Canoptek Spyders I'm putting a tremendous amount of detail into them too.  Even have a ton of detail planned for my Grey Knights.  Usually the level of detail I'm putting into my current model are for Indepedent Characters only.  Some bug must of bit me.  Really liking how the spyders are turning out.  Looking forward to finishing Grotesques.  Painting new Harlequins.  Wracks.  Mawloc.  Even milling what paint scheme I want for my Imperial Guard (they are far into the future).

Plan to return to my Dark Angel and give them that extra layer of highlight they deserve.  To get them close to GW quality.  Hoping to be done with my spyders in the next couple of weeks.  Have WIP, work in progress, pics ready to go.  Want to get the majourity of the work going before posting them.

slainte mhath

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