Saturday, June 2, 2012

Necron Canoptek Spyders 6.1

It's been too long since I've done work on my 40k models.  As my buddy Bryan said in a friendly pick-on manner "Really just Boltgun Metal?  You put a pic up of just that."  Then laughed at my ridiculousness.

Tomorrow I start my Canoptek Spyders.  Hope I don't end up eating those words.

Going with a new colour for my Necrons.  They are the standard drybrushed boltgun metal.

We are Legion

While these worked for me 10 years ago they don't get my mojo flowing as easily as they did back then.  Time for my Necrons to come of age.  Will eventually be getting the big battleforce boxset for several components.  The warriors therein will receive the new paint job.  I'm not a fan of redoing paint jobs.  I'm a firm believer of knowing where you came from so you might have an idea where you are going.  Perhaps I'll post my Swooping Hawks and compare them to one of my most recent (deja-vu I had a dream months ago about making a post about my Necron Spyders) models.

Natfka's blog had a great pic of Necron Immortals walking in line.  The image inspired me to paint my Necrons in the same vein.

Its a great pic!  Black Death towards their inexorable destination.  Printed the pic and looked the blog pic wondering how would one paint that.  Figured Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black mix.  With Chainmail and Mithril Silver for the metal shine.  Then thought about adding a little Chainmail to Chaos Black with Mithril Silver shine.  Suddenly it hit me.  Tin Bitz!  Tin Bitz with Badab Black wash.  Perhaps several washes.  Then Chainmail or Mithril highlight.

Bryan encouraged me to go to my first tournament.  Fantasy Flights pre-adepticon back in Mar.  So my Dark Eldar was placed on the back burner and Necrons moved forward.  Using Instant Mold to make Scarabs for my Spyders.  Then decided to pick up Imotekh.  Didn't like my idea but didn't want to have to buy two Imotekh's and paint each one of them.  So I decided to use my new Necron colour on them.  Turned out pretty good.  Some people even gave praise.  One said they liked the colours.

Legs are the best place to see the new Necron scheme for my army.  Tin Bitz with two washes of Badab Black.  Then Chainmail and Mithril highlights.

As a side note.  Will probably be playing a game against Bryan next Fri.  So I have 7 days to completely paint four spyders.  I think I can do it.

Look forward to pics being uploaded throughout the day as I put together four of my new girls.  Hope to have them put together and based by 10pm.  Then start painting after midnight pizza, beer and DS9 (Oh, Leeta, why do I love thee so?)

slainte mhath

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