Friday, April 25, 2014

Retribution of Scyrah: Dawnguard Destors

Had a completely different idea for the first Warmachine model I would paint.  However it seems life once again has different plans.

40$ of paint later

JJ painting, this is a Warmachine Retribution of Scyrah Dawnguard Destors commission for Sean.

Sean saw me at Dark Star last month.  Had the opportunity to speak to the gamers while the judges pulled together game scores.  Mentioned my commission business and the blog.  He planned to talk to me at the grand tournament about a commission.  Received an email the next week and we chatted about his Warmachine models.

This is a bittersweet commission.  The details aren't mine to share, previous commission artist wasn't working out and Sean contacted me.  It is sad that a commission artist was pulled off the job.  Having gone through that myself last year, I can possibly understand how the artist felt about it.  I am terribly grateful that Sean has allowed me this opportunity.  As he told me when he was talking to people at his game shop about my commission work they said "JJ is a stand up guy."  Quite glad to hear that.  Following week we met at Fantasy Flight for a beer and look at the models that are almost finished and a set that isn't painted yet.

Depending how this goes he has a lot of models for me to paint.  Really appreciating the challenges that have been presented before me.

Since I was picking up some paints for this commission.  Decided to get myself some for a future project.  Avoid needing to scramble when starting it.

Here are the cavalry that are mostly done.  Little bits here and there to do finish.


Got a little ahead of myself.  Started touching all the models up.  Then remembered something I did with a former client.  Finished the detail on the armour of one rider and horse with comparison to an unfinished one.  Want Sean's feedback before over-committing myself.  Model on the right has finishing touches.

slainte mhath


  1. I curious to see what you think of P3. I'd like to get some eventually. I've heard they are similar to GW in their properties.

    1. Would agree. They are quite similar. Work equally out of the pot as on a wet pallet. Haven't used them enough to see if they gunk, dried paint around the lid, like Citadel paints. So far loving the white.

  2. The model on the right looks a lot better just due to the contrast between the various plates of armor (assume formed by line work and/or washes). I think you could probably go one step darker on the contrast for those lines, and it would pop even more.

    1. Greg, thanks. That is a great idea to make the contrast pop more.


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