Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tips for Painting Epic 40k

Here are some tips for Epic 40k models.

JJ typing, once again used Rob Baer's technique of double-sided tape and paint sticks.  Saw a post of his doing this with Purifier shoulder pads.

Paint stick was used for Dystopian War models.  Can see where the double-sided tape was.  Which is useful since the tape would have a hard time sticking to paint.

Able to fit 6 rows of Epic 40k models on one stick.

Have another post coming in a couple of days regarding basing.  Based Balor Brown with a size 2 brush .

One thing I found useful when painting a lot of little Orks is assembly line painting.  Which I do most of the time.  However for epic I believe it is a must.  Using one colour at a time.  Plus you quickly understand where the paint goes because there is so little variation amongst the models.  Here I used Andrew's technique of knowing when to be sloppy vs when to be clean.  Was sloppy with Leadbelcher because the next two steps would clean up any mistakes.  Thus saving me some time.  Shaved off about 30 mins compared to the first set.

Skin painted Goblin Green.  Where Leadbelcher was painted over hands and tips of noses the green covered it easy.

Washed with Army Painter Dark Tone.

Wasn't a lot of detail on the first set to really put in the Bad Moon colours of yellow and black.  Some gretchen have yellow loin clothes, runtherds either have yellow belt buckles or satchel flap.  Because Ork Boyz have the space, right shoulder pad Flash Gitz Yellow with Abaddon Black arrow.

Certainly think this is a better idea than holding each individual base and painting them one at a time.

slainte mhath

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