Thursday, May 22, 2014

Armageddon Pattern Basilisk part 1

This is a new commission.  Have to say damn exciting commission.

JJ painting, this is an Armageddon Pattern Basilisk commission for Mike.

Last month received an email from someone wanting to hire me to paint some models.  There was a lot of models.  Around 40 models.  Wow!  Chatted back and forth through email and we set up a time to chat.  As it turns out he owns a gaming store in the metropolitan area.  Met him at his store and chatted about what he wanted.  Few weeks later we met to exchange models.  He wanted to start off with 3-6 models, ended up handed me 8.  Quite nice.

We spoke about the colours and patterns he wants on his models.  He wasn't sure which way he wanted to go with his basilisks.  Told him I can do a couple test patterns, learning from experience, and can send him pics.  Tried the first two test patterns (above) Mike then came up with a new idea (below.)  He green lit the pattern.  Time to move forward.  Still working on greenlighting the green on the mage hunter infiltrators.  Think I figured it out.

slainte mhath

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