Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Magnetize Storm Bolter and Multi-Melta for a Land Raider

Nate wanted all the options available for his land raider.  Here's a tutorial for magnetizing storm bolter and multi-melta.

JJ typing,

Tools used:

pin vice
1/16" drill bit
1/8" drill bit
1/16 x 1/32 magnet
1/8 x 1/16 magnet

There's a bit of a problem with having all options available on a land raider.  You either don't have the storm bolter or hunter killer missile.  Instructions has them using same base and mount.  Quick way around that would be to make a base and mount of turret arm.  Some might find that is more work than desired.

On the gun side carefully drill 1/8th hole.  You can be a little more rough with the storm bolter because of how it connects to the mount on the turret.  There won't be much material around the magnet.  You'll need to drill pretty deep and apply superglue in the middle not on the sides like usual.

Ensure correct polarity for storm bolter.  Used a little column of magnets on a modelling knight.  Drilled out storm bolter were it connects to the arm.  Only had to do this on one side.  The weapons are light enough that one magnet will hold them in place.  Drilled out same size for storm bolter.  You'll be going into the body.  Far easier.  Use the column to insert the magnet into the storm bolter.

Also ensuring polarity.  Grab one of the smaller magnets and click it to the magnet in the arm.

Clip off the pegs on both sides of the mount.  Why both sides?  Because if you leave a peg on one side the weapon won't be able to fit onto the mount.  Then carefully drill out 1/16 hole.  Won't take long at all.  Apply some superglue in the hole and carefully insert the small magnet already attached to the weapon and slid the weapon off.  Wait some time and you're done!

slainte mhath


  1. Another great little tutorial. Simple and easy to follow. Of course I've never had my land raiders multi-melta ever hit over a dozen games. I think it's cursed.

    1. Thanks. You're probably right. I have an idea the more important the weapon or model the more likely it'll do nothing.


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