Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tabula Rasa

Been over a week since a post was made.  Hopefully you all have been well.

My what a mess.

JJ pic dumping, been working on a lot of internal things since the last post.  Outside I'm hung up on painting.  Specifically matching green on mage hunter infiltrators.  Guess if I don't have a clear picture or know exactly where to go I get stuck.  Not a fan when that happens.  Hard thing about the commission is the colours provided by the previous artist are incorrect.  I've taken several cracks at it and believe I'm close to figuring it out.

There's good news on the commission front.  Received models couple of Fridays ago from Brad and last Sat from a new client.  Terribly exciting new client if you ask me.

It has been a while since I've cleaned the murder table.  Decided to clean it last Tues since I was stuck on the green.  What fun, memory lane.

All those superglue caps.  Me 12, superglue 0

Look at all those bits.

Greenstuff scarabs from back in the day.  Airbrush bling no longer used.

Officially planned on using these skulls for Dark Eldar Pain Tokens as GW had on their website.

Dark Eldar bits from decades ago and new bits when arming them appropriately.

Was going to do custom Necron Destroyers.  Then new codex came out and nope.

I've missed this spring.  Use to put it under the clay handmade bowl.  Then one day it shot off somewhere into the mess.  It is back in its place.

Test base for Suijin's sisters.

Rogue Trader Grey Knights purchased back in '02.  The guy painted them up as Deathwing.

Scarab molds.

Little more cleaner.  It's getting there.

To think I wanted to avoid getting any paint or damaging this mat when I purchased it.

It's time to wipe it clean.

Much cleaner.  More space for models I'm actually working on.  Notice the dreadnoughts are gone.  Haven't touched them in so long figured it'd be good to put them away til I can finish them.

slainte mhath


  1. Always really interesting to see the work surfaces of other painters. Thanks for sharing! I definitely think it's important to periodically clean up our work areas in between projects. I didn't recently, and kept getting plastic shavings in my paint...oops.

    1. Right with you. Anytime I see a painters work area I start looking through it. It's fun seeing the sort of tools and what not on the desk.

      Plastic shavings in paint? Yeah, oops.

    2. Ya the worst part about it? It was fine cast resin shavings....Always clean up the surface before painting! Lesson learned :).

    3. Finecast shavings? Those can be rather tiny. Agreed, great lesson learned.


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