Saturday, May 24, 2014

7th ed First Impressions a.k.a. The Longer You Drink the Coolaid the More it Tastes the Same

Picked up the new rulebook last night and spent several hours pouring over it with Suijin.

JJ typing Suijin laughing and reading,

Psychic vehicles can now generate powers!

Psychic Pilot 40k7 pg 170 (not sure what powers they can choose)

Vehicle with this special rule is a psyker.  This rule is typically represented with a Mastery Level, shown in brackets - if no master level is shown then that vehicle has a Mastery Level of 1.  Rules for generating and manifesting psychic powers can be found on page 23.  The unit follows all the normal rules for generating and manifesting psychic powers, with the following clarification: the vehicle is consider to have a Leadership characteristic of 10, should this be need to resolve any psychic powers or Perils of the Warp.

Shooting has possibly one of the biggest changes to the game.

Select a Weapon  30k7 pg 30

When firing with a unit, completely resolve all attacks with the same weapon at the same time before moving on to any differently named weapon.  Example pg 31 "For example, Space Marine nominates to shoot with his Space Marine Tactical Squad.  The unit has 10 models; 8 models are equipped with boltguns, 1 is equipped with plasma gun, and 1 is equipped with missile launcher.  Space marine player selects 'boltgun' first.  Eight models with boltguns shot at target unit.

After these shots are completely resolved, Space Marine player nominates 'plasma gun,' and completely resolves shot with plasma gun.  Before finalling nominating 'missle launcher' and firing with this squad's last remaining model.

Basically per the chart on page 30 if the squad has separate weapons you select the weapon, roll to hit, roll to wound, allocate those wounds and remove casualties.  If you have a different type of weapon and the target unit is still alive you select a weapon, roll to hit, roll to wound, allocate those wounds and remove casualties.  This means you won't be able to shoot all your weapons because the squad is dead from the first or second of weapons.  Which ultimately doesn't matter because the squad you were shooting at is removed.  Now if you have Special Rule Split Fire on a model with a different weapon.  Then again your Split Fire shooting happens before the rest of the squad 40k7 pg 172.

Another change from 6th to 7th.  Space Marines And They Shall Know No fear.  40k7 pg 157 "When it groups 'the unit does not make the 3" inch regroup.'  Finally SM got a nerfed a little.

They don't get extra movement.  In the words of Lewis Black "Ooo, ooo."

Finally you can stop someone from buffing their squad with a psychic power.

Deny the Witch 40k7 pg 26

If none of your units were the target of the enemy's psychic power (the power in question might have been a blessing, conjuring, or some other power that only affects Psyker's own troops) you can still attempt to Deny the Witch.  To do so, follow the same process, but apply no modifiers to your dice rolls - you will require rolls of 6 to nullify Warp Charge points.

Psykers just became a lot more powerful.  More Deny the Witch 40k7 pg 25

For a Deny the Witch to be successful, you need to nullify all Warp Charge points that were successfully harnessed by the Pysker when he passed his Psychic test.

Example: Daemons conjuring more daemons.  Primaris power 40k7 pg 195 Malefic Power.  Summoning warp charge 3.  If the daemons Psyker throws seven dice he gets three successes (needs a 4+ to succeed).  If you want to deny the witch you need to roll at least three 6's when rolling a Deny the Witch.  Good Luck that is 1 in 216 chance of happen when rolling 3d6.

As we may already know there's no consolidation into assault.  So you can't tear up one squad and immediately assault into another squad.  And Overwatch still works at BS 1 not -2 to BS.

No longer cheerleader squad (Suijin's words).  So no more Go Get Em Boss!  So you don't get to reroll your misses for every five onlookers when your character is in a challenge.

The most Perils of the Warp you can get is 1 peril regardless the number of 6's you roll for your Psychic Test 40k7 pg 25

Vehicles can't automatically be hit unless they are immobilised 40k7 pg 78.  In 6th (40k6 pg 76) if a vehicle didn't move it was considered to have WS of 0 and was hit automatically, it only had a WS of 1 if it moved.  Now it doesn't matter if it moved or not it has WS 1.

So far I'm liking it.  Seems to be enough changes to actually jar the brain.  Really looking forward to making Rules of the Game 7th ed posts.  Which of course means I have to get to the gaming table.

Here's an online discussion with the owner of the Games Workshop store earlier this week.  I'm still confused.  Apparently GW stores don't know anymore than the casual gamer.

GW stores are not as in the know as I thought.  Which makes sense.  GW wants to keep a lid on leaks and stuff.  Stores having that info would provide a great place for info to be spread far and wide.

slainte mhath


  1. Also, apparently you can now charge vehicles or units you have no chance of hurting. In 6th you could charge normal units but not vehicles you couldn't hurt.

    pg. 76 6th
    pg. 78 7th

    1. Doh! Forgot to put that one in. Thanks for the catch, Suijin.

  2. Hows the fluff, art work and hobby section? Same 'ol rehashed stuff or worth my money? Not really interested in the rules since i don't play anymore ;)

    1. The painted model book A Galaxy at War has some new pictures. There is an emphasis on the apocalypse models. To me it was a giant WD with no articles. Just little snippets of info for the pic above or below. Some cool stuff. Not overly impressed. Seems the book is an advertisement for models.

      The Dark Millennium book covers the fluff. There are a number of newer large pieces of art that I've never seen before. I don't read the Black Library novels. So they might be part of the cover art. Also quite of new little art pieces. Many I like. Seems there's a new theme with some smaller pieces of art throughout the book that have a double-headed eagle in power armour. Well helmet or head of the space marine is replaced with a double-headed eagle. Quite grim in style. I personally like them. Couple of new events added to the fluff part of the book. I'm a fan of that book.


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